The Spiritual Traveler, Or How to Make It Through Your Trip Without Killing Someone

Have you ever noticed that despite being a spiritual person—or a good person—it all goes out the window when you hit that airport security line? Perhaps that’s what airports were designed for; to test your spiritual mettle.

I travel. A lot. So on my overseas trip of nearly 30 hours in the air, I created these quick tips to keep your sanity, and maybe a little bit of your spiritual practice, intact:…

A Spiritual Journey To Mt. Kailash and Everest Base Camp

2018 Space Very Limited!

Experience an exclusive adventure to Nepal and Tibet, focusing on the ultimate spiritual experience, the Kailash Kora. Mount Kailash which stands prominently in a remote south-west corner of Tibet at the altitude of 22,028 feet is the holiest of all holy peaks. Believed to be the axis of the earth, Mt. Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva and Kang Ringboche of Tibetans Buddhism. In ancient period, it took years for …

Five Ways to Practice Mindfulness When Traveling

Do research. Plan trip. Get on plane, train, or in an automobile. Spend hours, sometimes days, in transit. Get to XYZ amazing destination and immediately begin thinking about how to have the best Instagram posts, take the most amazing photos and use all the amenities at your hotel.

Sometimes it is hard to stay ‘in the moment’

Unfortunately, the stress of getting to a destination, along with the pressure to make the most of it …