Isabel learned at a young age that life is more interesting when lived elsewhere. She left her native Canada and has lived in five different countries on three different continents before settling in South India five years ago.

She speaks two languages extremely well, a third passably well, a fourth not so well and is currently learning a fifth but is still at the gibberish stage.

She like words and playing with them in a variety of ways: as a translator, writer, blogger and editor.

She writes about the arts and travel for a variety of publications and shares her observations on everyday life in South India on her blog, India Outside My Window.

10 handy luggage tips to make sure you don’t arrive empty-handed

Lately I’ve had a lot of bad luck with my luggage while traveling on long-haul flights. My bags were delayed three trips in a row – reaching my destination only 1 to 3 days after I had arrived. After these three consecutive luggage mishaps, I was confident the airlines could not mess up a fourth time.

They didn’t – but my bout of bad luck did not end with that fourth flight. Arriving at Paris …

Tips for the solo woman traveler: Keeping safe on the road

There’s no excuse for a woman traveler not to hit the road solo. Solo travel can be extremely rewarding, as well as liberating. This is a great time for introspection and reconnecting with yourself. When you’re traveling on your own, there’s no need to make compromises on travel schedules and itineraries or even restaurant choices, as you get to make all the decisions. It’s also easier to make new friends, as a solo traveler is …

A Walk through Bangalore’s Neighborhood Markets

In the past few years at least a dozen shopping malls have sprung up across Bangalore, and many more are in various stages of construction. But in this South Indian city where modernity and tradition happily co-exist, the swanky malls do not outnumber the neighborhood markets, which continue to bustle with activity. In these lively markets and bazaars you can find almost anything you’re looking for, bargaining is expected and the sensory overload is part …

A Regal Home for Cats in Rome

Photo courtesy of Rocco:

Rome has many famous historical squares but Largo di Torre Argentina is particularly unique for many reasons. It is probably best known as the spot where Julius Caesar is believed to have been killed in 44 BC. Here lie the remains of the ancient Pompey’s Theatre and several Roman temples, the vestiges of which now lie scattered in a haphazard collection of ruins. All very impressive; but look carefully among …

10 tips for vegetarians travelling to Europe

Europe is not only a land of architectural marvels but also one of culinary wonders. But exploring the gastronomy of some European countries can be a challenge for vegetarians and vegans. Meat very often dominates the menu and the concepts of vegetarianism and veganism are still somewhat alien, especially in countries like Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal.

Consider the reaction I got from a waiter in a Brussels café last summer. After quickly scanning the …

Istria: the jewel of the Adriatic

The view from Cres island

The Romans called it ‘Terra Magica’ and it’s no surprise why. There are many things about Istria which make it a unique and enchanting place to visit: its scenic landscape of rolling hills which rivals the countryside of Tuscany, picturesque hill-top villages and medieval fortified towns, lush valleys covered in vineyards, and a beautiful coastline and spectacular islands.

The region also boasts many stunning architectural treasures which are testimonies to …