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A city of swords and sieges
Historical travel:

Spaniards may take a relaxed mañana attitude to things like completing half-built cathedrals and scoring World Cup goals.…

Spend the Winter in Phoenix, Arizona

When the temperatures start dropping this fall or winter, it’s the perfect time to start planning that trip to Phoenix, Arizona.…

Martinique: On the Shopping Trail Around the Isle of Flowers

It seems appropriate that the legendary French beauty Empress Josephine, known for her sense of style, spent her early years on the island of Martinique, where travelers today can still encounter an abundance of fine design, craftsmanship and style.  In fact, Martinique nowadays is home to a range of merchandise, local handicrafts and personal apparel that reflects an enduring appreciation of style.  Around city streets, suburban enclaves or at points out into the countryside, a shopping journey on Martinique can be one of the most engaging ways of exploring “the Isle of Flowers”.…

Two Exclusive Game Reserves in South Africa

Heading northwest, towards the Mozambique border, we left Wonderboom Airport (near Pretoria) via a chartered Cessna. Ninety minutes later we arrived at Cheetah Plains, a privately owned game reserve located within the 65,000 hectare Sabi Sands reserve, which itself shares a 50km border the Kruger National Park.…

4 Skywalks to Scream About

When you think of somewhere stunning that you want to visit or a unique place you want to see, what comes to mind?…

The Star City of the South – Beautiful Roanoke, Virginia

The best kind of car trips are those that involve a scenic drive somewhere instead of brain-numbing miles of Interstate highway.…

Kenya – Nairobi’s Tribe Hotel

Nairobi has become one of Africa’s largest and most interesting cities with a mixture of races, tribes and cultures.…

Gunkholing the Islands of British Columbia

     We recently spent a week “gunkholing” around the islands of British Columbia on the Safari Quest yacht with Un-Cruise Adventures.…

5 Chocolate Lover’s Destinations

Nothing says love more than chocolate – well, at least for most people.…

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam: A True Surrealistic Watercolor
Descending the steep, narrow plank, inch by inch, hand over hand along the long pole, I thought: “This better be one hell of a cave!” Exploring the other-worldly interior of Hang Trong Cave was to be one of many surreal experiences I was to have traveling along Ha Long Bay in northeast Vietnam.
A Tuscan Dream

Driving from Parma, navigating a winding mountain road to Tuscany, I came across Castello di Compiano, a medieval castle embraced by fortified walls and built atop a rocky outcrop of a mountain village.…

Is this the best $1 you will ever spend getting to know a city? Probably.

In the heart of Myanmar’s sprawling capital Yangon, an opportunity exists to glimpse local life and communities in a way not often available in other cities.…

Zimbabwe, in Your Wildest Dreams

To most Westerners, Africa is a place of witchdoctors, demons and prehistoric creatures, but those who’ve travelled there know it as an ancient continent steeped in primal cultures yet one that’s wild, raw, in your face and utterly exciting.…

The Tall Ships Challenge in Savannah, Georgia

I glanced up at the masts of the Tall Ship berthed in the Savannah harbor for the Tall Ships Challenge, soaring up into the clear blue sky and appearing to pierce the puffy white clouds.…

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