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An Island on the Rise

The stilt fishermen of Sri Lanka

For years the little island of Sri Lanka has been a place that lots of people wanted to visit but very few actually did.…

Desserts Glorious Desserts on the Highseas

Chocolate Chocolate Orange Cake by Nadia Ali

When most people think about going on a cruise, the first thing that comes to mind is the dreamy vacation onboard a luxury ship surrounded by the sea.…

Jamaica Day Trip to Falmouth

What to Expect
The Port of Falmouth is one of the newer ones in the Caribbean.…

A visit to the Keukenhof Gardens

One of the paths at Keukenhof Gardens
Photo By: Jerome Levine

The narrow window for visiting the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse (in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands) is limited to eight weeks a year—between March and May.…

Following the Sound of Music in Austria

It’s been over 50 years since The Sound of Music was released (1965).…

Bypass Border Hassles With a Quick Getaway to Baja California via Tecate

Baja California’s raw beauty and stunning contrasts draws visitors year-round. Most common is the entry point at Tijuana, just south of San Diego.…

There’s More to Las Vegas than Casinos…


Ca’seen them.

Yes, the megalith casinos keep getting bigger and bigger and they will likely always be the top draw for Vegas visitors.…

Sparkly Souvenirs: A Guide to Buying Jewelry in St. Martin
Beach Vacations:

The dual-nation Dutch/French island of St. Martin (Sint Maarten on the Dutch side) is known for a lot of things: crystal clear aquamarine waters, expansive beaches, great seafood and plenty of sun.…

Fashionable Amsterdam – the greatest small city in the world

Amsterdam is a city reputed for its inventiveness and claims as its own numerous fashion and design icons.…

The Fabled Colonial Key West

Key West Aerial View by Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau

Key West is described as the southernmost city giving visitors a taste of the Caribbean without even leaving the US.…

Seeing Providence, Rhode Island by Gondola

Leaning back in our comfortable, padded seats, sipping on cold bottles of water, and watching the scenery of the city slide by on either side of us, we decided we had happened upon possibly the most comfortable and unique way to see a city.…

Where to Eat, Stay, and Play During the Daytona 500

The Daytona Beach Welcome is right at the Speedway, which happens to be next to the airport.…

The Hotel that Rose From the Ashes

Stunning Hout Bay and The Sentinel, Cape Town

Gnarled chunks of solid silver  mounted in a picture frame are the only evidence that an elegant hotel near Cape Town isn’t the same building it used to be. The silver was once an ornate chair, destroyed along with 70% of the hotel when fires ravaged the Cape peninsular in South Africa in March.…

George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Historical travel:

There they are, on full display in front of you: George Washington’s legendary false teeth, looking more like Johnny Rotten’s.…

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