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5 Beach Resorts that Work for All Ages

Beachfront Room at Dreams Riviera Cancun

Planning a vacation for your immediate family can be bad enough, but what do you do when the extended family wants to come along too?…


Ahi Lele (which translates to dancing/jumping fire) is a must-see!

After living on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kaua’i for the better half of last year, I had the privilege of experiencing many jaw-dropping cultural performances from local artists, musicians and dancers.…

Duck the Heat With a Visit to Istanbul’s Basilica Cistern

Istanbul is a melting pot — Asia butting up against Europe, Byzantine symbols displayed along Muslim icons and a food lover’s mashup with diverse tastes from throughout the centuries.…

Fresh Eyes on Curacao

Photo credit: SkyDive Curacao- Santa Barbara Resort

The little Dutch Caribbean island most famous for its colorful waterfront and famous blue liqueur has been busy developing an exciting new bounty of offerings.…

A Pilgrimage to Bob Dylan’s Minnesota

Hull-Rust open mine pit where young Bob used to ride his bike with his friends.…

20 Years After Terror Attack, Oklahoma City Museum Undergoes Expansion
Historical travel:

A lot has happened since the pictures of devastation from the usually quiet municipality of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA made headlines 20 years ago.…

Choo Choo! A Scenic Trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad

Lounging back on the comfortable love seat of the First Class railroad car on the train, I popped a chocolate brownie in my mouth.…

Skip the Greece Crowds In Aliki on the Southern Shore of Paros

Santorini, Mykonos, Ios…The top spots in Greece’s Cyclades are definitely must-stop destinations on any itinerary through the islands.…

Caribbean Eco-Trekking – Easy to Extreme Island Hikes

From a vertical challenge to rocky and winding trails, dense and lush vegetation to tranquil river and waterfall oases, exploring the enduring forests of the Caribbean remains an incredible connecting doorway to the interior green worlds of this region.…

Scotland’s Isle of Bute

Scotland’s west coast is synonymous with excellent seafood with miles of coastline to fish and cultivate and fresh catches landed every day and taken straight to the region’s finest tables.…

The Best Seaside Cities in Istria, Croatia
Beach Vacations:

Sailing is an option for the beach at BiVillage

Istria lies on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.…

Go Glasgow – one of Europe’s most exciting and stylish cities

Glasgow is renowned for its style and friendly locals. It’s well rounded with a blend of internationally-acclaimed museums and galleries, stunning architecture, vibrant nightlife, fantastic shopping and a buzzy array of restaurants and bars.…

Happy 100th Birthday to San Diego’s Famed Balboa Park

Balboa Park, just outside Automotive Museum.

A century ago, the world came to San Diego – an amazing feat, considering that much of the world did not know San Diego existed.…

Art in Philadelphia: More than just the Rocky Steps

To most, the name “Philadelphia” is synonymous with Rocky Balboa, the Liberty Bell, and soft pretzels.  But the cradle of American democracy boasts more than its well-known slew of historic landmarks and pop culture references – it is also home to a large number of world class art museums, complete with its very own Avenue des Champs-Élysées leading from City Hall to what is, arguably, the crown jewel in the city’s collection: The Philadelphia Museum of Art.…

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