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It’s a Great Location, But Does it Have a Free Breakfast?

I took a bite of the delicious, hot quiche I was enjoying in our fabulous Carson Ridge Luxury Cabin in Carson, Oregon and just about swooned with pleasure.…

A purrfect cuppa in London

What to look for when selecting a café in London: good tea or imported coffee; creamy cakes and fresh pastries; and of course – cats.…

From Volcanoes to Ziplines: El Salvador’s Wild Side

Tour guides often refer to El Salvador as “the country of 40 minutes.”  Because it is the smallest country in Central America, flanked by Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the northwest, you can easily hike a volcano in the morning, grab lunch at the beach, and end your day with a zip-line canopy tour near the Guatemalan border.…

Snow Hotels that offer the Ultimate in Cool Rooms

Winter Landscape Sweden Lapland by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee


With the first snow fall of winter approaching, who can resist that fresh blanket of snow for a frosty adventure?…


Most of us can’t find it on a map. But, yes, Virginia, there is a country called Uzbekistan.…

El Salvador’s Historical Highlights
Central America:

El Salvador is a country of contrasts: towering volcanoes and flat, sandy beaches; modern cities and charming historic pueblos; rambling Mayan ruins and aging Spanish haciendas.  Because this country of 6 million is the smallest in Central America, it’s the perfect place to experience the history of the region, and unfamiliar visitors can easily take in El Salvador’s historical highlights in just a few days.…

Boutique B&B in North Wales

Just across the North Wales border in Whitchurch is Willington Lodge – a tranquil boutique B&B that’s been painstakingly restored by its owners, Pamela and Richard Morris, who’ve managed to retain much of its original Georgian features.…

Livingstone: Things-to-do

The sweet, raw-onion and acrid wood-smoke smell of Africa rushed to greet me as I stepped off my plane in Livingstone.…

Walking The Highlands And Hebrides

Traffic jam!

A chill north wind blows across a landscape, stark but beautiful at the same time.…

Colorful Markets of Bangkok

A Symbolic Golden Buddha Statue of Bangkok by foto76


Bangkok is one of the world’s most visited destinations.…

Seoul Food

In the astonishing mix of ultra-modern and ancient found in Seoul’s Jongno-gu area is the Gyeonghui Palace, which is now the city’s Museum of History.…

Family Getaway to the Amazing Emerald Coast of Florida

View of the beach.

If your family is lucky enough to be one of those which has kids starting school after Labor Day, you still have time to plan a trip to the gorgeous Emerald Coast of Florida.…

Food for the Soul

It is a crisp October evening in Washington, D.C. There is no snow falling, but the temperature has dropped considerably from the afternoon to this late evening.…

24 hours in Soweto – Leaving the Ordinary Behind

If the name Soweto is familiar, it is probably for all the wrong reasons, as it’s where the struggle against Apartheid played out, turning the township into a virtual war-zone in the 1970′s and 80′s.…

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