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Napa or Sonoma? Which One Should You Choose

While every state in the union now makes wine, you still won’t find any areas as well-known as Napa and Sonoma.…

Sun, sea, sand and…sustainability

Planning your perfect holiday involves several exciting decisions: will it be seaside or city, on-tap entertainment or splendid isolation, excellent for culture vultures or family friendly?…

Zimbabwe’s World Renowned Victoria Falls Hotel

Traveling to the interior of Central Africa before the advent of the railway was near impossible.…

Three Last Minute Spring Break Destinations

So Spring Break is rapidly approaching and you have made no plans whatsoever?…

Hawaii On A Dime: How To Travel On The Cheap If You’re Adventurous

Yes, the rumors are true. Hawaii is expensive. But guess what? It’s also an epic place to visit.…

When in Bristol

When John Cabot set sail to discover Canada back in 1497, Bristol was already a wealthy trading port – and has been for more than a thousand years.…

Panama City – Urban, Historic and Rural Dimensions

Panama is a small nation with a capital that offers an astounding cross-section of cultural and historic experience: from the colonial legacy of its old quarter to a newly energized modern city, to the legacy and continued expansion of the Canal to the easily accessible countryside just beyond.  While all these different routes to exploring within and beyond this vibrant city depends on a visitor’s own interests and time, some of these options to experience past and present certainly belong on any must-do list.…

Need to Escape the Cold? Make Tracks to Turks & Caicos!

This has been the coldest, longest, snowiest and most depressing winter I can recall.…

Meeting the wildlife in Madagascar

My French came back to me with remarkable clarity as I staggered out of the ocean clutching my stinging ankle.…

Why Complain About Winter When You Can Enjoy It? Three Michigan Resorts to Enjoy a Cozy Winter Getaway

Yeah, traffic may be backed up because of those drivers who are freaked out by ice and snow, the temperatures are so low you simply can’t put on enough clothing, and school has been called off yet again.…

Three Beautiful Beaches in South Goa, India
Beach Vacations:

I travel frequently, and always prepare for my various jaunts doing fact-finding, participating in forums, asking friends, and even reading literature from my destination country.…

Ecuador: A High Altitude Handicraft Hunt

Every once in a while, even the most jaded travelers come across a delightful surprise.…

Sign Up and Sail Away

The most overused words in travel-speak must be ‘once in a lifetime.’
But if you’re open to a journey that has a habit of changing lives, I think I may have found it.…

Abacos Island-Hopping

So Many Marvelous Mini-Adventures!…
Truth be told, I did not know that the Abaco Islands were part of the Bahamas called “Out-Islands” nor did I know that the Bahamas are not considered part of the Caribbean, but are a separate region with some 700 islands in the archipelago ( some inhabited and some not) and none of them in the Caribbean Sea!

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