8 Digital Nomad Friendly Cafes in Florence

Prendiamo un caffè? Head to any of these Florence’s cafes that not only serve top-notch beans but are also ideal working environments. Good coffee and WiFi are the key ingredients needed to get remote work finished while on the road.

Florence, Italy has always been charming but has recently become a hub for digital nomads. Creative types have found inspiration in the Renaissance capital’s UNESCO Heritage Old Town for centuries.

We’ve rounded up eight of …

The Spiritual Traveler, Or How to Make It Through Your Trip Without Killing Someone

Have you ever noticed that despite being a spiritual person—or a good person—it all goes out the window when you hit that airport security line? Perhaps that’s what airports were designed for; to test your spiritual mettle.

I travel. A lot. So on my overseas trip of nearly 30 hours in the air, I created these quick tips to keep your sanity, and maybe a little bit of your spiritual practice, intact:…

Is Travel Insurance Really Worth It?

Dear Travel IQ: When is travel insurance absolutely necessary? I hate the additional expense tacked onto every trip and never, ever, have I had to use the policies I buy. I am thinking about not buying it next time and trusting to the gods of travel to get me there and back without a problem. My boyfriend says I am wrong and the one trip we don’t insure will be the one we will …