7 Ways to Save on Airfares

There’s nothing like boarding a plane, sitting back in the seat and enjoying a movie, reading or some sleep before landing at your holiday destination. But with the cost of airfares on a steady increase it’s becoming harder to find the right price for that desired destination. Airfares change throughout the week and even during the day, so, how do you know when is the best time to get more bang for your buck? Well, now you can do something about it.

Timing: When booking flights timing is everything. Some argue that that Tuesday is the cheapest day to book than over the weekend when more people hop online to source airfares. The most expensive month to travel is July as it represents the height of ‘peak season followed closely by August. September, on the other hand is the least expensive what with everyone being back from the office. Airlines do their best to compete with each other luring passengers at school, college, university or work. As for Janauary, it’s the month when the least amount of people fly.


Summer Discounts: Typically July and August are the prime peak season when schools are out and so are working parents with discounted fares.  The only thing with this is that these discounts are fast and furious advertised as ‘last minute deals’. If not snapped up straight away they can leave you wishing you booked earlier to avoid disappointment.

Flexible: You need to be flexible unless you are trying to reach your destination for a specific date – being flexible with your dates can save you lots of money. When booking online always tick the book that states ”flexible’ this way you can see  if there are any changes within the day before or after your desired date. Also by checking the box that states “Nearby Airports,’ you can snag a deal by landing/departing at a smaller airport. This is because they have lower operating costs than the larger ones.

Miles: If you know for sure the dates you are going on vacation it’s best to put your claim for miles in as soon as possible for that free seat. Often airline sonly have a set number of ‘free’ seats per plane and once they are gone you will end up scrambling for the best airfare like everyone else.

Comparison shopping: Come on, these days who really takes the first offer? Most of us shop around before settling on a price and in the world of travel it can save you money. There are travel sites that will do comparsion shopping for you simply put in your specifc dates and destination and hit submit. In no time, pages of comparison airlines, schedules and prices come back.

Try: Expedia.com, Priceline.com, Kayak.com, Travlocity.com, AirfareWatchdog.comcheaptickets.com, whichairline.com.

Air/Hotel Package: Depending what type of hotel you are after, booking a package deal for air and the hotel can be good way to save on both the airfare and hotel. Sites often boast how much you can save, but make sure you are happy with the hotels they offer.

Coupons: Who said coupons are just for groceries? Airlines have been fast to jump onto the coupon bandwagon by offering promotional codes and coupons to their passengers. Try besttravelcoupons.com, retailmenot.com/coupons/airfare,

So, choose the best time to fly, look for deals and discounts, be flexible in your search to allow for the lowest airfare to come up and use online coupons for further discounts. You will be the envy of friends and family as a savvy traveler, arming yourself with all of the necessary information to garner the best airfare price and jet away to the perfect vacation.


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