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There’s nothing like boarding a plane, sitting back in the seat and enjoying a movie, reading or some sleep before landing at your holiday destination. But with the cost of airfares on a steady increase it’s becoming harder to find the right price for that desired destination. Airfares change throughout the week and even during the day, so, how do you know when is the best time to get more bang for your buck? Well, …

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Dear Airline Industry,

The time has come for you to start listening to travelers’ concerns. Not just hearing, but actually listening.

I have many years of personal and professional experience in the travel industry. My father was a pilot for a major U.S. carrier and my brother currently flies for another major U.S airline. I was raised around planes, understanding from a very young age about respecting other passengers, the flight crew, and airline representatives. …

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To most, a trip around the world is a dream affordable only to those with ample money and time. But around-the-world travel is a growing trend among people from all backgrounds, professions and ages. With airfare costing far less than you might imagine, many travelers are turning their dreams into reality.

This Travelhoppers activity guide will give you an overview of the considerations you need to make before undertaking such a grand and unique endeavor. …

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