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Why Less is More on the Balearic Islands

At just eighteen kilometers total from tip to tip, Formentera looks like a boomerang being tossed off the southeastern coast of Spain. It is nothing more than a croissant crumb on the world map, and though most people have heard of rockin’ Ibiza or artsy Mallorca, Formentera usually draws a ‘Where’s that?’ when mentioned. The answer to that telling question is nowhere. There’s not much going down …

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International business and leisure travel trends have rightly indicated the advent of a new era for the South American nation of Colombia. That change is apparent nowadays from the moment of arrival into the city of Medellin from its international airport – a descent into a remarkable panorama of soaring skyscrapers and cranes busy with even more construction in both business and residential districts reflecting the transformation underway in this second largest Colombian city.

What …

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