Author: Aimee Cebulski

Aimee Cebulski

Author Aimee Cebulski has been furiously catching up on lost time as a traveler after a five-year battle with fear of flying grounded her dreams of visiting far-flung destinations in her mid-20s. Now, she’s proud to have 52 stamps in her passport and considers each new one a triumph over fear. She’s worked as a freelance writer and photographer for almost 15 years and currently calls San Diego, California home. Her work has been featured in a number of travel, business and lifestyle magazines, web sites and photo galleries. She recently combined her love of travel, new cultures and writing with release of The Finding 40 Project (, a book about women turning 40 years old around the world. Always encouraging friends and families to follow their adventurous spirit, she believes strongly in the eye-opening power of travel and can’t wait for her next destination, whatever it may be! After returning from a volunteer trip to Cambodia in 2008, she organized and hosted a photo exhibition of her work called “Photography Works,” which raised more than $2,000 to fund water programs for The Trailblazer Foundation and Imagine Ankgor.

Does your winter warm-weather search include a stop in San Diego? If it doesn’t, it should. Mild winters make this destination a favorite for anyone seeking an escape from snow and cold. It’s not uncommon to go walking on the beach on Christmas Day in flip-flops and shorts or jogging on New Year’s in a tank top.

What’s good for you is good for Fido, too. San Diego is emerging as an extremely dog-friendly destination …

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Whether hitting the road, taking to the skies or even hoofing it over a trail, traveling takes a toll on your body. Long hours in a single position or thousands of steps can cause muscle fatigue and cramping.

About six years ago, I found out my persistent hip pain was due to Hip Dysplasia (yes, like a Labrador) and it seemed to flare up the worst during travel. The large muscles up and down the …

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Approximately 20 kilometers north of downtown Quito, smack through the middle of Ecuador, stands the official marker for the Equator…but does it really mark the fabled line? It appears the answer is not quite as rock-solid as the materials used to build the marker.

The “Mitad del Mundo” (or ‘Middle of the World’) is a large, government-sanctioned official marker visited by tour buses, private tourists and public transit about one hour outside of Ecuador’s capital …

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Bohol is often known as the “Bohemian” region of The Philippines. Life moves a little slower here than the frenzied pace in Manila.  Even the largest city on Bohol, Cebu, has more of a laid-back vibe, home to many universities and a real college-town feel. The main island of Bohol is surrounded by several smaller islands, many home to diving meccas attracting visitors from all over the world. Many don’t visit more than the beaches, …

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