Author: Alexandra

A resident of Florence, Italy for over ten years, I enjoy exploring Italy's cultural gems, but also lying on its beaches and walking in its woods. When I'm not working in social media marketing, I write my personal blog ( and work at the local expat newspaper, The Florentine.

They’ve told you not to go to Italy in July or August because it’s dreadfully hot. But if it’s the only time you could visit – kids out of school, work is slow, whatever your reason – you’re going to need to do everything possible to keep cool. Here are a few solutions provided by a very warm resident of Florence, Italy.

Italian tradition maintains that a cold breeze from an open window or …

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Many tourists in Italy make the fatal faux pas of ordering a cappuccino at the end of a meal, like after a pizza at lunchtime (a bit of a no-no in itself). A good waiter will swallow his pride and allow the tourist to swallow all that frothy milk on a full stomach, but as you have likely read elsewhere, it is considered a “rule” in Italy not to have a cappuccino after a certain …

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