Author: Jim Lesses

Jim Lesses is a semi-retired Australian musician, blogger and photographer trying to live up to his personal motto: Love The Life You Live, by travelling on extended journeys as often and for as long as he can. As a solo traveller, Jim has taken himself on two round the world trips since 2008, and is planning his next journey for 2012. You can see more of his work at The Compleat Traveller.

The photograph at left, taken by police photographer Charles Nettleton, shows the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, on November 10, 1880 in Melbourne Gaol.

Less than twenty-four hours later, at 10:00AM on the morning of November 11, 1880, Kelly felt the hangman’s noose tighten around his neck just before he was hung following his conviction for murder. And so, at the age of 25, ended the short but eventful life of Australia’s most famous bushranger, Edward …

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Call me weird if you want to, but I know I am not the only traveller who enjoys, yes, enjoys visiting cemeteries if the opportunity to do so presents itself during my travels. Maybe it’s because I am getting older, but there is something incredibly sobering and calming about visiting the last resting place of some of our fellow planetary citizens. There is also something of a sense of satisfaction knowing that no matter how …

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