Author: JSDunn

J.S. Dunn resided in Ireland during the past decade and has a newly released novel of ancient Ireland, Bending the Boyne, available through and at . The U.S.-based publisher, Seriously Good Books, is a new imprint for historical fiction. Bending The Boyne is based on archaeology in the vein of Jean Auel’s series in prehistoric Europe, or the Gears’ novels set in ancient North America.

For something off the beaten path that may lead to a lifelong hobby, consider exploring Ireland’s Neolithic past. The equipment is simple: sturdy walking shoes and a rain slicker layered over a sweater and your favorite camera. Why would anyone track the Neolithic in Ireland? Lots of reasons! First, the great Boyne mound assembly is famous, it is a UN World Heritage site holding the majority of Europe’s prehistoric rock art. Second, most passage mounds …

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