Author: Kayla Washko

A native of west central Pennsylvania, Kayla Washko recently finished her MFA degree in Creative Writing at Chatham University in Pittsburgh. As soon as her thesis was stamped and signed by her committee, she went in search of words and wanderlust, accepting a copywriting position in Lima. Now she spends her days eating at menus, riding combis, and writing about her experiences in Peru. You can check out more of her writing at

Tourists tend to choose Colombia or Brazil over Peru as their preferred jungle getaway, but Iquitos is definitely worth a visit. And since the Amazon has recently made the provincial list of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World, now is the perfect time to plan a trip.

Top Iquitos Attractions

Most Amazon tourists are primarily interested in seeing exotic wildlife, as the Amazon is home to one in every five living animal species. …

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By night, the Barranco district of Lima, Peru is teeming with 20-something-year-old hipsters clad in ripped jeans and miniskirts, chain smoking outside the city´s hottest clubs. They pose in front of portraits of rock legends while the music thumps inside. The district has been romanticized as the poetic inspiration of many Peruvian singers and artists, making it a must-see stop for all things bohemia in Lima. But club-goers are advised to get some zzz’s before …

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