Author: Kristen Caplan

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Kristen Caplan started hiking, skiing and exploring at the age of 3 and hasn't stopped since. She's traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and South America. After living in Los Angeles for many years, where she loved discovering the wild spaces of California, Kristen left her job at a major movie studio to journey around the world. Some of her favorite places include Zion National Park, Machu Picchu, Nova Scotia and Monterey, California. Travel along with Kristen at:

“What do you think of Colombia?” my husband asked. Colombia? We were searching for a way to get to South America from the States, and round-trip flights to the most popular destinations — Argentina, Peru, Chile — were surprisingly expensive. Colombia, on the other hand, was half the cost of those routes, and schedules typically involve a stop in Miami before heading to Bogota, an easy three-and-a-half-hour flight. “Sure!” I quickly agreed.

We spent one …

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Want a Halloween celebration full of fantastical costumes, throbbing music and jumping bodies?   Welcome to the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, the world’s largest Halloween street party.  It’s a Halloween celebration that’s both family-friendly and hedonistic at the same time.  If you love Halloween, dressing up, or just partying with thousands in the street, then making a pilgrimage to West Hollywood for the Carnaval is a must.

West Hollywood – known to locals as WeHo – …

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With the US Presidential election just a little over one year away, New Hampshire residents once again get the unique chance to meet most – if not all – of the hopeful candidates face-to-face.  If you’d like to shake hands with future world leaders while touring a quintessential New England state, this fall is the perfect time to visit New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is among the smallest states both geographically and in population, with only …

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