Author: Liz Bruckner

Liz Bruckner is a freelance writer and editor who, after 10 years of penning articles on beauty, health, fashion and parenting, is determined to see the world. She regularly contributes to many on and offline publications and when not in front of her computer, tries to maintain her sanity while mothering her two young trouble-making boys. Follow her at

As far as winter destinations go, Quebec’s Mont Tremblant is no one-trick pony. Sure, it boasts the biggest peak in the Laurentians and attracts downhill thrill-seekers from all across North America, but the mountain isn’t just for slope lovers. In fact, during my short, day-and-a-half visit, I quickly learned — with outdoor activities so plentiful, a village so charming and restaurants with food so delicious — finding time to sneak in a few runs is …

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Mouthwatering piña coladas aside, the largest island in the Eastern Caribbean has a ton to offer every kind of travel enthusiast. From its old-world charm and stunning beaches to its vast array of adventure options, making the trek to Puerto Rico will satisfy even the most severe case of wanderlust.

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Snorkeling and zip lining? Kayaking and cave exploration? Canyoning and surfing? Yes, yes and yes. Options abound for thrill-seekers, so allot a …

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