Author: Signe Pike

Signe Pike worked for Random House, Ballantine Books, and then Penguin/Plume before leaving New York City to write Faery Tale. Signe works as a freelance editor and writes full time in Charleston, South Carolina, where she is at work on her next non-fiction memoir.She lives with her husband, Eric Liebetrau, the managing and non-fiction editor of Kirkus Reviews, a mischievous black cat named Willoughby, and of course, their resident faeries. Signe is the author of Forgotten Kingdom, The Lost Queen, and the travel memoir Faery Tale, and has researched and written about Celtic history and folklore for more than a decade. Visit her at

Scholars, archeologists, writers and even theologians have debated, dug, and mused over the Once and Future King for centuries, but the mystery that shrouds the boundary between man and myth in our modern times remains thicker than ever.

Luckily, if you know where to look, there are places today that still bear Arthur’s name; places that – well over a thousand years later – still echo with connections to the story of a great man

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These days, if you’re looking for a spiritual retreat, the possibilities are endless. You can meditate in an ashram in India, explore the wilds of Iceland searching for sacred herbs, do yoga in Cartagena, or embark on a gastronomic tour of Tuscany. In Sedona, Arizona, you can sign up for a Vision Quest, a Soul Healing or even a Spiritual Vortex tour. Thanks to an alchemical amalgamation of our ever-present desire to expand and our …

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