Author: Sheri Rosenthal

Dr Sheri Rosenthal is the happy owner of Journeys of the Spirit®, where she specializes in creating spiritual journeys and retreats worldwide! She is committed to bringing forth experiences that transform lives by empowering people to express boldly and fearlessly in life and by giving back in the world. Sheri believes that the most important adventure of all is the path to self-realization and the discovery of our divine nature. To be happy in life we must be happy inside us first. It’s this internal happiness and learning to cultivate the truth of who we really are that’s revealed to us on a spiritual retreat. These sacred journeys support us by cultivating an environment of unconditional love, unencumbered by the judgment and illusions of our society. Journeys of the Spirit's® specializes in: Women's Retreats, Spiritual Hiking, Equine Healing Retreats, Shamanic and Power Journeys, Art, Photography & Creative Expression Retreats, Mind-Body-Spirit Retreats, Yoga Retreats, Spiritual healing Retreats, Volunteer Travel, and so much more. We travel to: US (Sedona, Oregon, Big Sur, Zion, Santa Fe, Badlands), Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Baja, Israel, Egypt, Sacred Britain, Greece, Turkey, Africa, Bimini, Bhutan, Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia, Thailand, and more. Join us for a heart-opening journey today!

Visiting the Grand Canyon is truly a classic American vacation. Most folks have taken the helicopter ride over the canyon or hiked partially down the north or the south rims – definitely inspiring! But how many people have actually spent their vacation in the Havasu canyon? Never heard of it? Well you not the only one, and that’s too bad because it is a piece of paradise right in our backyard.

If you look at

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When the weather gets cold up north, I for one can’t wait to get away and enjoy some sun, sand, and good food. And if you’re into spiritual adventures like I am – no trip is complete without connecting with ancient cultures and their spiritual traditions. One of my favorite winter getaways is to the beautiful and sultry area of Mexico called the Mayan Riviera along the eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula.

I adore

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Most folks have heard about the resort town of Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja, but not many people are familiar with the very small jewel of an island called Isla Espiritu Santo. This precious island is located in the Sea of Cortez about 2 hours by boat from the town of La Paz off the eastern coast of the Baja peninsular.

Back in January 1990 the Nature Conservatory acquired

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