Author: Steve Tauschke

Inspired by the sojourns of PJ O'Rourke and Paul Theroux, Melbourne, Australia-based journalism graduate and freelance writer Steve Tauschke has previously survived travel encounters with Hong Kong hurricanes, betel-chewing Burmese transgenders and killer quakes in Taiwan. Specialising in Asian locations, Steve hopes to one day unravel the mystery of Cantonese cuisine.

Quietude is a term unbefitting of Hong Kong, one of Asia’s largest and noisiest cities. But amidst the incessant cacophony of human activity that fuels this bustling metropolis of seven million souls exists a rare oasis of peace and serenity quite at odds with its locale.  Nestled among the bamboo and fish ponds of Lantau island, the aptly-named Trappist Haven monastery provides pure sanctuary from the decibel-defying roar of the densely populated city.

 The largest

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