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How to keep your travel budget looking sharp

Do you want to save money when you travel? Of course you do. But how far are you willing to go to do so? If you’re truly motivated to stick to a tight budget – to let the experience and spirit of a destination override the importance of vintage wine during dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant – then these tips below are for you.


Try to fly on low-cost carriers and…

Outdoor Lisbon: Beaches, Parks and Miradouros

Lisbon is known as the “City of White Light” due to the bright sunshine reflected off of the numerous cobblestone sidewalks and plazas. In fact, Lisbon’s Terreiro do Paco, situated right over the Tejo River is the largest plaza in all of Europe. But for all its “white space,” the Portuguese capital also boasts a good amount of green space and, of course, beautiful beaches. But the trick is to find those spots where the …

The Polish town you’ve never heard of

When I arrived in Miedzychod to visit a friend who had relocated there, we went for a drive and soon were turning off the narrow one-lane, main road onto where there was no road at all–only a forest. The car, a creaky red Polish hatchback, crunched it way over the gritty forest floor, through a thicket of spindly pine trees. After parking in a small clearing, we got out of the car, gathered up the …

Beyond Beer: 7 Unique Czech Beverages

You can’t be blamed if beer (“pivo”) is the first thing that comes to mind when considering the topic of drinking in Prague. On your visit to the Czech Republic, you will quickly discover that beer is usually cheaper than water, ranging from about CZK 21 to CZK 32 for .5 liter. If you pay more, you may be a tourist.

The Czech Republic, where pilsner beer was born in the town of Plzen, proudly

The Art of Getting Lost

Getting lost in a new city is not usually on a traveler’s to-do list. But it is highly recommended that you cull your skills in the art of getting lost if you wish to throw off the tiresome stereotypes that come with being a tourist.

It might be harder than you think to truly move off the beaten path and have no idea where you are. When you feel a little disoriented, your survival instincts …