Author: Wendy VanHatten

Author Wendy VanHatten lives in northern California and loves to travel all over the world. She is a published author, freelance writer and editor, ghostwriter and magazine editor. Her travel advice and info can be found at

Think this will be just like any other cemetery? Not true. Think this will be like Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.? Maybe. Similarities do exist.

After all, the men and women buried in both have one thing in common … they all served their country.

Southeastern Iowa holds some unique history. Lush rolling hills along the Mississippi River initially were inhabited by members of the Sauk and Fox tribes. Sauk Chief Keokuk, an important …

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Stone turrets and towers keep an eye on everything in every direction. Vine covered slopes so steep it’s hard to believe people walk between the rows. Narrow villages line the banks of the winding river. You can almost see the damsels with their flowing gowns curtseying to knights in shining armor. Fairy tales…here we come.

Follow the winding Rhine River…either on your own or enjoying a river cruise. There is not a castle, an island, …

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Dear Travel IQ: I love taking my camera on vacation. My hubby, however, thinks they are more of a bother and something of a nuisance. I want to share the memories when I return home. I’ve read, however, that many people have strong opinions about not taking their cameras along. I don’t have an elaborate set of gear…just a point and shoot. What do you think?

Signed: Camera shy

Dear Camera shy:

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Stop and smell the mustard on your own version of Spring Break this year. Smell the mustard?

Mustard is blooming in Napa Valley…stark vines stand out among the neon yellow at their feet. Great photos…even better wines. With about 400 wineries in the Napa area alone, this is one of the best times of the year to visit. Less tourists than summer means more personalized attention from winery owners and winemakers.

Make sure you do …

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