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Harrod’s may be the most iconic of London’s retail establishments, but don’t let that keep you from visiting other locales.  If you’d rather avoid the crowds and get a true taste of what Britain has to offer, try these lesser-known alternatives.

Covent Garden: If you’re looking for quaint oddities amongst architectural splendor, look no further than Covent Garden.  Its stalls (centered in the Apple Market section) offer everything from collectibles and antiques to traditional handicrafts …

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For decades British motorcycles were the envy of all the world. They were the best and the fastest, bar none. While the motorcycle was invented in Germany, it was the British who took this invention to new heights with names like Triumph, Brough, Royal Enfield, BSA and AJS.

But the British grew complacent and the torch for high quality motorcycles was passed to other countries, most notably Japan. Of the great marquees in Britain’s heyday, …

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Sitting quaintly out in the middle of the Irish Sea, somewhere between Britain and Ireland, is the Isle of Man. A British crown dependency with its own parliament, known as the “Tynwald,” the island is not technically part of the United Kingdom, but its foreign affairs and defense are overseen by Great Britain.

Though everyone speaks English, the native language of the Isle of Man is Manx and you are likely to see it listed …

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