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While Spain is not quite up to Northern European standards when it comes to eco-savvy stays, the country does have some very hip, quirky, cool lodging options for those who want to go green.

First Choice: Cabanes als Arbres

Into the Treetops!

There are a multitude of tree-house hotels around the globe, but Cabanes als Arbres is the first ever on the Iberian Peninsula. The environmentally-friendly ‘hotel’ is fairly new, having opened up just a …

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Vacations are a time when we tend to throw out the rules and relax, but that doesn’t mean we should stop being eco-friendly. Green tourism, (sometimes dubbed sustainable or responsible tourism) is focused on not wasting valuable resources, preserving the environment and not upsetting the ecosystem. It encourages us to “take only photos and leave only footprints.”  Here’s how to go eco-friendly visitor while vacationing:

1.    Re-use that towel

Let housekeeping know they don’t need …

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