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I’m writing this article in a luxurious, five bedroom beach house on Tybee Island courtesy of Tybee Joy Vacation Rentals called Quit Yer Crabbin’ that is just a couple blocks from the beach and is so huge and elegant, we could live here forever. The two of us are rattling around in this huge house, never even using the expansive upstairs.

We are here to cover the annual Tybee Island Pirate Fest and we …

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Drive South across Alabama.

Now just keep on driving you are totally out of road. You should see the sugar-white sand and crystal green water of the wonderful gulf coast area.

You have arrived in one of the loveliest, quietest and most family-friendly destinations in Alabama. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama are so close together they are considered one beach area, and you won’t have any idea when you cross from one to the …

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