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San Francisco has a lot to offer to both tourists and locals. Take a ride on a cable car, be awe inspired by the ingenuity of the Golden Gate Bridge, eat a noodle bowl in Chinatown- there are so many places to explore and experience. These sites attract thousands every year, but they may not be the type of memories everyone is looking for. Are you a resident of San Francisco who wants to find …

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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fun in the sun at one of California’s many beaches. The sunshine state’s coastline offers a diverse array of experiences – from the north’s mountains thrusting straight up from the sea to the pristine beaches of San Diego. Here is a roundup of the top 5 spots  to soak up the California scenery.




Santa Monica
Casa Del Mar
1910 Ocean Way

Santa Monica is …

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It is easy to romanticize the past, making it out to be even more enjoyable than it was in reality…and I’ve been known to indulge in a harmless bit of embellishment myself now and then…so it is with conscious effort to keep hyperbole to a minimum that I continue.

During my years living in San Francisco, I was a member of what can only be described as a loosely organized street gang. I ran with …

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