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International business and leisure travel trends have rightly indicated the advent of a new era for the South American nation of Colombia. That change is apparent nowadays from the moment of arrival into the city of Medellin from its international airport – a descent into a remarkable panorama of soaring skyscrapers and cranes busy with even more construction in both business and residential districts reflecting the transformation underway in this second largest Colombian city.

What …

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It’s only 10 p.m., but everyone has retreated to bed except the five of us playing cards in the hostel dining room.

“Deal another round,” I say, “I’m staying up all night.” Sleep seems unlikely when the temperature is plunging towards minus 12 degrees C (10 deg F), there’s no hot water for showers, and six people are sharing each room where the beds are blocks of salt.

I’ve discovered that you can’t enjoy the …

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you may be wondering how to surprise your traveling special someone with a gift that will take their breath away as they pack their suitcase. Or, perhaps you want to treat yourself to your very own fun getaway this year, but either way, the rolling, olive tree-dotted hills of central Italy have a trip in store for you that’s bespoke just for the day of love.

Beyond the usual amorous …

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