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Bananas, berries, mangoes, and wild monkeys. Get ready to be part of a wild buffet breakfast with the long-tail macaques that live in the Lopburi area of Thailand. Every year on the last Sunday in November the locals pay homage to the macaques by placing tables full of fruits, rice, and traditional desserts for them to feast on amid the setting of the 13th century Phra Prang Sam Yod temple.


Lopburi, known as Monkey …

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Quebec is one of the safest cities in the world, especially for women, my new friend tells me.

That’s lucky, I think because I’ve just jumped into his car and we’re driving up into deserted forests. If I disappear, nobody will ever know why.

All such thoughts vanish as my impromptu tour guide Philippe Guerriere starts telling me about the battles that raged in Quebec between French and English soldiers, leaving a stunning legacy of …

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My plan, upon finding myself in London with a day off, was to indulge my inner Downton Abbey fan with a trip to Highclere Castle. The Jacobethan “country home” that housed the fictitious Grantham clan was, however, closed until spring so I decided to trudge from my friend’s flat in Barnes along the Thames footpath to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew instead.

As a devoted anglophile, I hoped to find the quintessential Englishness that …

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Missouri is often called one of the “flyover” states. The thought is that it’s not worth an actual trip. That couldn’t be further from the truth—especially regarding St. Louis. In this city, you’ll find tons of family activities, and a lot of them are free! Many of these are located in Forest Park.

Gateway Arch National Park

St. Louis is most known for the iconic Gateway Arch. You can see it from anywhere in the …

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Langkawi is Malaysia’s best-kept secret, a perfect off-the-beaten-track destination. It offers stunning long beaches, lush rainforests, night markets, and majestic waterfalls, and all of this without the tourist hype and crowds.

Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang is one of the most popular tourist areas in Langkawi. It features local and international eateries, duty-free shopping complexes, luxury resorts and a gorgeous beach

The Pantai Cenang Beach is located on the Western side it offers two kilometres of …

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The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is an subterranean church located 200 meters underground in the Andean mountains of Colombia, carved out of solid rock salt. The Salt Cathedral has become a top tourist destination and an important place of pilgrimage in Central and South America.

The history of the Salt Cathedral goes back to the Muisca indigenous people who occupied this region before the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. The Muisca extracted salt from …

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Whoosh – a giant burst of air breaks out of the water, and you are showered by a gentle mist that smells vaguely of salt and fish.  Immediately next to your small fishing (panga) boat, a gentle giant rises to the surface for an up close and personal encounter like nothing else on earth. 

The warm, protected lagoons of Baja California’s central Pacific coast, about 400 miles south of the US-Mexico border, are the perfect …

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Opals, a brilliant gemstone celebrated for its kaleidoscope of color, are notably prominent in Australia, which produces around 95% of the world’s opals. While this shimmering treasure is not unique to Australia, notable deposits are found in South Australia’s Coober Pedy, Andamooka, and Mintabie, as well as Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs in New South Wales, and Queensland’s Quilpie and Winton districts. Many gemologists consider Australian opals to be the world’s finest.

The Coober Peddy …

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There they are, on full display in front of you: George Washington’s legendary false teeth. The uppers aren’t that worse for wear, but the lowers have gaps that one could drive a truck through. But they are not made of wood, as many believe. The first president’s choppers were crafted from a combination of elephant ivory, human teeth, and cow teeth.

Despite the shoddy state of the stained dentures, Washington practiced pretty good dental hygiene. …

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Situated in mainland China’s Qilian Mountains in Sunan Yugur Autonomous County, the Horseshoe Temple, also known as Puguang Temple, is an expansive cave temple complex.  Within its walls is a treasure trove of grotto Buddha statues, showcasing the religion of the Northern Liang Dynasty up until the present millennium. The temple’s ambiance is enhanced by its coexisting Chinese Buddhist and Tibetan Buddhist temples, each displaying distinct architectural styles.

The Horseshoe Temple complex dates back to …

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The town of Tequila had been on my radar for a few years, but it wasn’t until recently that I eventually made it to the fun-packed pueblo in the state of Jalisco. Often overlooked by foreign visitors, Tequila is a popular day trip for Mexican tourists who travel by rail and road from Guadalajara, about forty miles away. I decided to spend a few days in the town, which allowed me to experience the high-spirited …

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Costa Rica is a land teeming with the paradoxes of its geographical location, bridging North and South America and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The resulting climate makes it ideal for year-round travel. The forces of nature are at their spectacular best here, churning out rainforest and volcanoes, great beaches, and vistas. The animals and plants of the region are of two great continents. The diversity of flora and fauna, geography, and terrain all come …

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Rome can not be seen in a day, a week, or a year. No, a city with this much history takes centuries to get to know. It is literally a city of layers, one generation, one-millennium building on top of the next. It is the “Eternal City”, and we are mortals. Since time is not on our side, consider moving Rome higher on your list of places to visit, and start planning now. With a …

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When on holiday how many of us seek out the parks which are free to enter and offer a peak into the country’s flora and fauna? The expansive green areas in busy city centers host entertainment events year-round and a slice of natural beauty from the well-manicured lawns, blooming flower beds, artistic statues, and flowing fountains.  

Central Park, New York

It comes as no surprise that the most famous park in the world is Central …

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