Author: Cindy-Lou Dale

Cindy-Lou Dale is a freelance writer who originates from a small farming community in Southern Africa, which possibly contributed to her adventurous spirit and led her to become an internationally acclaimed photojournalist. Her career has moved her around the world but currently she lives in a picture postcard village in England, surrounded by rolling green hills and ancient parish churches. Her work is featured in numerous international magazines, including TIME and National Geographic.

Luxembourg City

Situated at the very heart of Western Europe is a small country named Luxembourg, which is 80km long and 68km wide.

Luxembourg City, the Grand Duchy’s capital, founded in 963, has maintained an atmosphere of contemplative tranquillity, and at its historic core (declared a World Heritage), it reveals a blend of contrasting styles of architecture developed over the past five centuries.

The phrase ‘Dynamite comes in small packages’ is rather fitting in this instance as …

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The Barrow House Inn, Kent, England

You cannot move ten feet in this country without bumping up against some striking reminder of a long and productive past. Wherever you turn you are confronted with wondrous and interesting things – 20,000 scheduled ancient monuments, 600,000 recorded archaeological sites, 140,000 miles of public footpaths, 280,000 miles of hedgerows, 100,000 war memorials, 6,000 listed bridges, 15 National Parks, 86 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, over 4,000 sites of Special Scientific Interest, 20,000 ancient parish …

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Aerial close up of the tower of the Royal Liver Building

Liverpool is by far one of the most original, cosmopolitan and vibrant cities in England. The edgy downtown cobbled area around Seel Street is undergoing massive regeneration and is bursting with people having fun at the hipster bars and trendy restaurants.

Towards the end of Seel Street, in a row of historic terraced warehouse styled buildings, is the Nadler Hotel, which, in recent years, has undergone a £14m renovation. In its former life, this 19th …

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Alt text: "Breathtaking panoramic view of the iconic Tower Bridge and the modern Shard skyscraper during twilight in London, with glowing city lights reflecting in the Thames River."

Despite jokes about accents and what, exactly, a chip is, London remains a popular destination for American travelers, which has no shortage of tourist staples: Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the House of Parliament, but London’s appeal doesn’t lie only in its architectural and cultural treasures. It’s the jaw-dropping views across the city, taking in most of the Big Five landmarks, which are most memorable.

It’s only a credit to the capital …

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"Visitors enjoying a sunny day on the cobblestone square of a historic European town with traditional stone buildings and a clear blue sky."

He’s seriously psyched up as he wraps a long stretch of fibrous cord around a 30cm ball of hard cheese. The smoke from the cigar, wedged into the corner of his mouth, necessitated that he close one eye. His other eye accessed the camber of the road ahead. He took a couple of long strides to build up momentum, leaned his ample frame forward, and, with a curved slingshot motion (delivered in an elegant pirouette), …

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Hunting truffles, a dog just found a rare white truffle in autumn forest.

I’m walking through Pettino’s truffle-rich forests and pastures at the base of a mountain.  Leading the way are four hyped-up dogs – Pucci, Pippo, Vespa, and Enea; hot in their heels are truffle hunters Luciano and Bruno, armed with small picks and a leather bag for the loot.

Truffle hunting is a centuries-old daily tradition, a daily event which, for the dogs and their handlers, is a time to demonstrate their kinship, their bond. These …

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Looking across the city of Edinburgh from Calton Hill at dusk.

Not only is Edinburgh a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s also Scotland’s capital city and home to phenomenal festivals, which have the city buzzing with a sense of excitement all year round.

Packed with medieval tenements, narrow streets through the Old Town, and a sweeping elegance that swathes the Georgian New Town, there’s no question that Edinburgh deserves its reputation as one of the most stunning and enthralling cities in the world.

Sightseeing in Edinburgh …

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Venice Italy

If you’re considering Venice as your next destination, you’ll have done your research and know exactly what you want to see and what to expect, so I’ll not be giving you a Venice ‘to-do list’ as such. Instead, I’ll encourage you to people watch instead. Step away from the well-trodden tourist path and see where the locals live.

While walking along the cobbled back streets of Venice, which are encased with tall ancient dwellings on …

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Considered the jewel of the Austrian Alps, the Gastein Valley lies an hour south of Salzburg, in the heart of the majestic Austrian Alps. Other than the fantastic thermal spa and panoramic views of the Hohe Tauern National Park, the mountains surrounding Gastein are what it’s all about.

From the west side of the valley, cable cars rise two miles to the summit of Stubnerkogel. From there, a variety of ski runs and several lifts …

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Now is the time for wine and nature lovers to rejoice; not only do Sussex vineyards produce beautiful wines, they also provide opportunities to sample, tour the vineyards and meet the Vintners.

Fizz On Foot, which offers guided walk and wine tasting tours, combines the great outdoors with walks through great British wine country. From a one-day buffet lunch and wine-tasting tour to a four-day, several vineyards trek, you’ll see the spectacular Sussex countryside as …

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