Author: Steve Winston

I’ve written/contributed to 17 published books. And my articles have appeared in major media all over the world, among them The New York Times, "Business Week," "Travel & Leisure," "Men's Health," CNN, “Forbes,” The Jerusalem Post, The Irish Times, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Toronto Star, “Western Art & Architecture,” and The Associated Press. In pursuit of "The Story," I've been a war correspondent in a combat zone; been a cowboy in Arizona; jumped into an alligator pit in the Everglades; trained with a rebel militia in the jungle; climbed 15,000-foot mountains; rafted Class V rapids (suicidal!); flown World War II fighter planes in aerial "combat"; gone on an expedition into the Arctic Circle; explored ice caves at 10,000-feet in Switzerland; been invited to dinner by a President; and been tossed out of a reception given by Queen Elizabeth. My website is

Don’t laugh.

Often, when I travel, one of the first places I seek out is the local cemetery, and not just during Halloween season. Why? Because there, believe it or not, you can learn a lot about the place you’re visiting — about its people, about its history, about its lifestyle, and about its colorful characters and legends. You can be moved to tears, of course. But you may also find yourself laughing out loud, …

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