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This one looks delicious, I thought as I swirled the wine around in my glass and took an indelicately large slurp.

“Ah yes, a definite aroma of diesel and a lingering taste of salami. Is that normal for a Malbec?” I wondered as I eyed its odd neon hues.

“No,” my partner said, “but the sommelier did advise us not to try wine tasting on the pavement.”

We couldn’t resist, though. The tables outside …

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The next move is the most important of them all, our tango teacher said as I wobbled precariously on one leg.

My other leg was provocatively hooked behind my partner’s thigh, and I couldn’t imagine executing any other move except falling on the floor. “The final move is a sexy face,” she said. You can’t get away with a “trying not to fall over” face in the tango, so we aimed for sexy or sophisticated …

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Argentina is a county of unparalleled beauty, from lush pampas, filled with grazing beef (or cows, depending on your view), to the crisp beauty of the lakes, mountains and glaciers of Patagonia, to the arid and largely indigenous desert of the north. Its tourism has long been that of exploring the country of the gauchos, the vibrant city life and the scenic landscapes, but I put to you that there is, for the sophisticated traveler …

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