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After travelling the length and breadth of the country, Heather (my camera assistant) and I headed out of Windhoek going south. It was long and dusty six-hour drive that took us through one of the most spectacular places in the world: mile high paprika-coloured dunes, lilac mountains, endless golden savannah grassland – all dramatically offset by a big sapphire blue sky.

Our tranquil granite and glass boutique-style lodgings – the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge – was …

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Excuse me.  Sir!  You there.  I have a request.  No, not you nice man.  You go on about your day and enjoy your vacation.

I’m speaking to the other gentleman, the one who is so incapable of controlling his impulses that he just chucked that small boy overboard.  Oh!  That was your son, and you were just playing?  I see.

Well, I’m also talking to that lady over there who thinks it’s funny to draw …

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Needing to escape the cramped, airless Mach-4 lifestyle of our giant anthill capital where nothing works properly and everyone gets in everyone’s way, I headed to Dover. I was reliably informed that other than the war-time tunnels beneath Dover Castle few outsiders ever willingly visited as the only other thing to do was board a ferry to France.

Apart from fortifications, galleries, gardens, restored structures, a nature reserve and discount shops on Wellington Dock, what …

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Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.

Travelhoppers is a new venture for an old group of friends.  Most of the writers that form our initial group of contributors have worked with me on previous travel projects, and apparently the fact that I’m a bit of a serial criminal entrepreneur doesn’t fool bother them a bit. That’s fine, I’ll take my friends where I can find them.

That goes for the …

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