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Kraków, Poland is quickly becoming known as a must-see European city all around the world, in part thanks to its grand Old Town neighborhood that survived numerous wars and occupations and is a nearly flawless depiction of its glorious past. It’s not just Old Town that Kraków has to offer, though, and this is what makes it an even more alluring destination to visitors no matter what the interests, travel schedules and budgets are. There …

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Bike sharing has exploded all over Europe in the last ten years or so. Now more than ever, it’s easy to sightsee on two wheels in many Western European cities where infrastructure for cyclists has been much improved. Next time you’re in Copenhagen or Barcelona, forget the Segway and rent yourself a classic cycle to get around town.


Copenhagen, Denmark:

In central Copenhagen 55% of the population rides to work each day and 37% …

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Thinking about a biking vacation? If so, you are not alone. Active vacations, including biking, are definitely on the upswing. Individuals, couples and families find that a biking trip allows them to enjoy a vacation that includes plenty of outdoor time, great scenery, physical fitness and bonding with companions.

Biking vacations offer the active traveler the chance to experience a destination on a different level and pace than most travel affords. Bikers see the world …

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