4 Skywalks to Scream About

When you think of somewhere stunning that you want to visit or a unique place you want to see, what comes to mind? How often have you thought about standing on a see-through platform for the ultimate view? If you are like me and are afraid of heights, I am sure the thought is not appealing. But when you hear that destinations like the Grand Canyon, the CN Tower or even the Willis Tower in …

Getting in Touch with Nature in the Grand Canyon National Park

You stare out at the most enormous vista you’ve ever seen. You’re surrounded by a silence that’s so calm, yet so all-consuming that you let out a nervous giggle just to make sure you’re still part of it. You stretch your arms out as far as they can go to either side to see if you can give the view a vast bear hug, but the panorama escapes and trickles through your fingers towards the …

Havasupai Falls – rarely visited, intensely magical – what are you waiting for?

Visiting the Grand Canyon is truly a classic American vacation. Most folks have taken the helicopter ride over the canyon or hiked partially down the north or the south rims – definitely inspiring! But how many people have actually spent their vacation in the Havasu canyon? Never heard of it? Well you not the only one, and that’s too bad because it is a piece of paradise right in our backyard.

If you look at