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Montreal Meandering

It’s Saturday night in Montreal, and I’m determined not to slink back home until at least 10pm; I don’t want my two young Airbnb hosts to think I’m such a social failure  I can’t find anything to do in Canada’s self-proclaimed party city.
Montreal prides itself on being the fun and festive heart of Canada, a country that’s generally seen as rather dull. This city-on-an-island is having none of that, and celebrates about 110 festivals …

A city alive with history

Quebec is one of the safest cities on the world, especially for women, my new friend tells me.

That’s lucky, I think, because I’ve just jumped into his car and we’re driving up into deserted forests. If I disappear, nobody will ever know why.

All such thoughts vanish as my impromptu tour guide Philippe Guerriere starts telling me about the battles that raged in Quebec between French and English soldiers, leaving a stunning legacy of …

A City of Politics and Playfulness

After visiting Canada’s party city of Montreal and its astonishingly beautiful neighbor, old Quebec, I was expecting to find Ottawa a little dull.

I imagined the capital city to be dour and intellectual – a place with museums on every corner where you nod wisely at the artworks and debate politics over lunch.

It has museums and politicians aplenty, but I liked it immensely the instant I stepped off the bus in the city center. …

This is how to experience Niagara Falls

The worst thing one can do at Niagara Falls is to simply stop and look at the falls.

Niagara Falls might be an iconic North American destination, but there is so much to do here than stand and watch. The best way to experience Niagara Falls is to explore the scenery, to become part of it, to meet nature head on. If you don’t get wet here, you haven’t gotten your time or money’s worth …

6 Mobile Apps to Ensure you Travel Happy

Traveling today can take all kinds of twists and turns from unexpected delays to problems with airfares. Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own travel assistant who would advise you of the best way to resolve the issue and seek out helpful information for you? Well, that’s exactly what a travel app can do. Once you start looking for travel apps you will find there are dozens upon dozens to look through in

Snow Hotels that offer the Ultimate in Cool Rooms


With the first snow fall of winter approaching, who can resist that fresh blanket of snow for a frosty adventure? But far beyond traditional snowman building, skiing or snowboarding is the ultimate snow adventure – staying in a snow palace crafted from slabs of ice, packed with igloo guest rooms and illuminated ice sculptures. Most of the best snow hotels are located in Europe and offer a tranquil arctic experience that you will never

4 Skywalks to Scream About

When you think of somewhere stunning that you want to visit or a unique place you want to see, what comes to mind? How often have you thought about standing on a see-through platform for the ultimate view? If you are like me and are afraid of heights, I am sure the thought is not appealing. But when you hear that destinations like the Grand Canyon, the CN Tower or even the Willis Tower in …

Gunkholing the Islands of British Columbia

     We recently spent a week “gunkholing” around the islands of British Columbia on the Safari Quest yacht with Un-Cruise Adventures. Gunkholing is a boating term that refers to a type of cruising in shallow or shoal water, moving from place to place, and often spending the night in quiet coves. Gunkholers seek out quiet and isolated anchorages instead of crowded marinas. With cabins for 22 passengers and several crew members, the Safari Quest yacht

5 Worldwide Christmas Markets to Visit

When you think of Christmas Markets the first place that comes to mind are the traditional ones located in Europe – specifically in Germany and Austria, where old cobbled streets decorated with stringed lights house wooden chalet stalls that sell everything festive.

Strasbourg, France

Located in the Rhine Valley, Strasbourg is a sprawling metropolitan city. It has a mix of French and German cultures because of its proximity to the German border. Here you will …

24-hours in Toronto

From boardwalks, beaches, bookshops and bistros, Canada’s largest city is also its trendiest and when it comes down to urban activities it’s on par with some of the world’s biggest cities.

Alongside its ritzy skyscrapers Toronto maintains colorful residential neighbourhoods in its centre; and until recently downtown’s Queen Street West area was a crumbling with fading facades and abandoned storefronts. Now though it’s transformed into the trendy Bohemian part of town, with funky art galleries …

Five Things You Can’t Miss in Victoria, Canada

Victoria is in the British Columbia region of Canada. It is actually the capital of the province. This quaint city borders between the water and the mountains, allowing breathtaking scenery and plenty to explore, taste and learn.

It’s easy to get to Victoria. Ferry service is available from Port Angeles and Seattle. You can also fly directly into the airport from many Canadian cities (including Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary), as well as Seattle and San …

Kayaking with Killer Whales in Johnstone Strait

Johnstone Strait, a deep glacier carved passage running between the east coast of Vancouver Island and the west coast of British Columbia mainland, is one of the best places in the world to spot killer whales (also known as orcas). The deep waters of Johnstone Strait are home to the world’s largest resident pod of orcas, numbering around 200, who are attracted to the region by the thousands of salmon who frequent the waters every …

Five Good Reasons to Visit Vancouver

Until the 2010 Olympic Games brought it to the attention of the world, Vancouver was a quiet British Columbia city that was often forgotten when planning vacations. The renovations and revitalization of city for the world’s biggest sporting event has left a region with great food, wine, culture and activities, all between the Pacific Ocean and the snowcapped mountains.

Granville Island
As you cross into Granville Island, the world changes quickly as you no longer …