Havasupai Falls – rarely visited, intensely magical – what are you waiting for?

Havasu Grand CanyonVisiting the Grand Canyon is truly a classic American vacation. Most folks have taken the helicopter ride over the canyon or hiked partially down the north or the south rims – definitely inspiring! But how many people have actually spent their vacation in the Havasu canyon? Never heard of it? Well you not the only one, and that’s too bad because it is a piece of paradise right in our backyard.

If you look at a map you’ll find the canyon is directly west of the north and south rims, but the access is totally different requiring a four hour drive from the Grand Canyon Village on the south rim. The best way to get there is by traveling west on Route 40, then at the town of Seligman get onto route 66 (don’t forget to eat in one of the famous restaurants along the way!). From there you take the Indian Highway 18 turnoff to Supai until you hit the trailhead.

Havasupai CampingYou have several options for getting down into the canyon – you can hike the 10 mile trail into town, ride horses down, or even take a helicopter. It’s important to note that the Havasupai Tribe administers the land which is technically outside the Grand Canyon National Park. So you must respect the tribal laws of the land as this is considered sacred land – and for good reason!

Havasupai actually means “people of the blue-green waters” and they consider themselves part of this land and the water. So if you pollute or harm their land you are hurting their tribe directly. The revered Havasu and Mooney Falls are simply spectacular – surrounded by cottonwood trees, travatine rocks and stunning turquoise waters. The striking blue-green color, by the way, is due to the large amounts of calcium carbonate (lime) in the water.

Havasupai Falls CanyonThere is a lodge down in the canyon you can stay in – but truly the only way to experience the canyon from my point of view is by camping there. By doing so, you’ll have the experience of connecting deeply to the land and sacredness of it. I love taking groups down into the canyon and having our outfitter set up camp for us, cooking amazing meals in our outdoor kitchen. That to me is paradise – heaven on earth!

There is nothing like swimming in the crisp and cool waters and hiking the mysteries of the canyon. When I have a group in the canyon – we make the trip a spiritual one creating our own ceremonies and sacred circles. Jumping off one of the waterfalls at the end of the trip is just one of the ways we celebrate transcending our inner fears! In fact, you see the picture of the falls right above this text? Well my group jumped off of those falls – challenging their deepest fears about what they can and cannot do in this life. People return home from the canyon feeling empowered to make changes in their lives by taking positive action. So if you are looking for something different and life-changing, come to the canyon – it will be a journey you won’t forget any time soon! You are welcome to join us if you like.

Happy travels, Sheri xoxox

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About the author: Sheri Rosenthal

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