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Scotland’s west coast is synonymous with excellent seafood. Its miles of coastline land fresh catches every day that are immediately taken to the region’s finest tables.

On route to Oban from Glasgow stop off at Fyne Ales (on the spectacular Loch Fyne), an award-winning brewer of craft beers. The ingredients are sourced from around the world and brewed with soft Highland water collected from the hills behind the brewery. They do a guided brewery tour …

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There are few countries where you can drive from the mountains to the beach in just a few hours – with natural beauty bursting from a variety of resplendent vistas, El Salvador is certainly one of these places. Visitors might observe that this same ecological diversity is reflected in the country’s cuisine.  From traditional Mayan fare to upscale seafood, you won’t be disappointed by this small Central American country.

For a taste of history, start …

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Just 100 miles south of mainland Britain and 45 minutes from London is Jersey, the warmest and most southerly of the British Isles. Jersey also has its fair share of celebrity millionaires: Formula One racing drivers, musicians, artists, writers, movie stars, inventors… however, the famed Jersey residents I came to meet were of the four-legged variety – its prized dairy cows.

Darren Quénault of Classic Herd is the island’s only independent dairy farmer producing award …

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