Splashing about in Thrilling Indoor Water Parks


The best thing about summer has got to be splashing about in water, after all, who doesn’t like getting wet when the days are balmy and hot. While many kids and adults look forward to the seasonal opening of the summer water parks there’s always the worry about the unpredictable weather, going on a rainy day or when there is extreme heat, dehydration or sun burn. So, what other way can you enjoy a

Glamping, Washington Style

In a world where camping lovers and luxury travelers collided, someone decided to do something about it. Glamping combines the best of both worlds for those who love to sleep under the stars, but want to do it in a comfortable bed; or the couple that is torn between one’s desire to pitch a tent and the other’s need to have a comfortable floor to walk on.

The whole idea of glamping is one of …

Fun Things to do in Seattle

Grey’s Anatomy has made Seattle famous for ferry rides (and hot doctors), but there’s plenty more in this city. You can easily find fun things to do for a day – or even a week.  It’s also a very walkable city so you can try to keep fit while enjoying some of Seattle’s best treats, like gourmet food and chocolate. The only thing you can’t be guaranteed of enjoying is the weather. Bring the umbrella …