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Ocean Friendly Whale Watching

Whales are one of the Earth’s largest mammals, the beauty of which is best seen in the open waters of the ocean. There are numerous destinations around the world where you can observe these gentle creatures swim, thrash, and play in the water. All that is needed is a quiet boat or even a motor-less sailboat to venture out to sea to experience whale watching at its best. And, with a little patience and understanding, …

Majestic Windmills of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the beautiful capital city of the Netherlands. It is a city steeped deep in 17th century history through its buildings, streets and canal ways. It is home to windmills or windmolen as they say in Dutch – the language of Holland. There was once 10,000 working windmills in this region which have withered down to a mere 1000. They were once used to produce flour, mustard and oil and are an inherent

Top 5 Things to do in Ireland

When you think of the country Ireland, the color green may instantly comes to mind, as do its green patchwork and grassy hillsides. Officially known as the Republic of Ireland and nicknamed the Emerald Isle, its magical scenery attracts visitors from around the globe to gaze at the jaw-dropping landscapes and to delight in the taste of its signature drink, Guinness. A trip to Ireland is truly an inspiration.

The Ring of Kerry

Known as

Speaking for your Supper

My new walking companion Maria sniffed apologetically and told me she was suffering from bad constipation.

I was a little perturbed. I know the Spaniards are outgoing and flamboyant, but I hadn’t expected her to share this much information. Then she sniffed again and told me the constipation was also making her sneeze. Ahh, she has a cold, I realized, and this is one of those linguistic twists where a word in one language has …

The Vaughantown Experience: The Untour of Spain

Spain has its intricate architecture, its exquisite museums and its delectable cuisine, but its people are one of its greatest assets. If you seek an atypical travel experience that allows you to get up close and personal with the Spanish people, while receiving a week of free room and board, consider the Vaughantown Program

About Vaughantown

The Vaughantown program recruits native English speakers from all parts of the globe to teach Spanish students enrolled in …

Voluntourism: Giving Back without Breaking the Bank

Sure, we’d all love to quit our jobs, run off to some unpronounceable locale and join the Peace Corps. But what if you can’t quit your job or commit to a 27-month stint away from home? Long-term placements aren’t for everyone, but don’t worry: they’re not the only option.

At the ripe old age of 17, I decided I wanted to backpack across Europe — by myself. After my parents recovered from their initial …

Have Your Cake and Eat it too: Work and Travel Abroad

Dear Travel IQ: I’ve decided I would like to live abroad for a year. I’m not flush with cash, just nerve. What are my pennyless options?

Signed: Expat to be in Charleston, SC

Dear Expat:

We’ve all felt it: that longing sadness that sinks to the bottom of your stomach as you realize your dream vacation is coming to an end. Just as you thought you were getting a feel for the place, …

A Marine Conservation Voluntourism Holiday in Scotland

I love animals and decided to devote the better part of my summer vacation volunteering with animals, which was how I found myself on a marine conservation voluntourism holiday off the west coast of Scotland through the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust.  Its website promised that volunteers would conduct cetacean studies using scientific methods off of a yacht.  It sounded good to me so I signed up immediately.

Conduct cetacean studies we did – 8 …

Three Unique ‘Voluntourism’ Opportunities

Giving back while getting away, or voluntourism,  is becoming increasingly popular. During the last nine years I’ve spent abroad, I’ve had many chances to volunteer in schools, cities, and with regional wildlife, and have always had a richer experience because of it. There’s no shortage of organizations that need support, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. If you’re after a hands-on experience in an exceptional destination, keep these voluntourism options in mind.…