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A visit to the Keukenhof Gardens

The narrow window for visiting the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse (in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands) is limited to eight weeks a year—between March and May. So flower-lovers, gardeners and photographers from all over the world convene at the Gardens at that time, coinciding with the season when the flowers are in full bloom.

Riverboats plan “Tulip Cruise” itineraries during this period. And if you are lucky enough to be on one …

Fashionable Amsterdam – the greatest small city in the world

Amsterdam is a city reputed for its inventiveness and claims as its own numerous fashion and design icons. From night clubs to the fashion runway, the city is a trendy stimulus. Even if your budget hinders you from splurging on one-off designs, there are ways of taking in Amsterdam’s voguish vibe – on the cheap.



The principal Dutch fashion event, Amsterdam Fashion Week occurs every January and July. It’s …

Majestic Windmills of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the beautiful capital city of the Netherlands. It is a city steeped deep in 17th century history through its buildings, streets and canal ways. It is home to windmills or windmolen as they say in Dutch – the language of Holland. There was once 10,000 working windmills in this region which have withered down to a mere 1000. They were once used to produce flour, mustard and oil and are an inherent

Elegance in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the greatest small city in the world. It overflows with character, 17th century merchant houses and distinctive canals who themselves are listed as a World Heritage.

It’s impossible to escape the city’s history, like that of the quietly elegant De L’Europe, built in the 1800s on the banks of the Amstel River in the heart of Amsterdam’s canal area. Owned by Heineken International, who recently gave it a $83-million facelift, De L’Europe is …

Keukenhof Gardens in Holland – it’s blooming marvellous!

There is no better time to visit Holland than in the spring when symphonies of tulips bathe the landscape in a carpet of rich, vibrant colour.

Holland dazzles the senses with Flower Power. The Dutch celebrate their blooms at every opportunity with a procession of flower parades, flower fairs, flower art displays, flower museums and flower markets. Each year Holland’s tulips attracts millions of visitors who gaze in awe at landscapes of crisp perfection, suddenly …

Going Dutch

Whilst on a tea safari in Holland Cindy-Lou Dale soon discovered the meaning of a cake hang-over.

I’ve heard much about the Dutch tea drinking culture, even more so about their idyllic afternoon tea shops. I saddled up my photographic assistant, Heather, booked a couple of Eurostar and Thalys train tickets to take me from London to Amsterdam (via Brussels) and sought accommodation advice from the tourism office there. A few days later, Heather and …