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Cradled at the base of the Outeniqua mountain range – connecting west to east – is the Garden Route, Africa’s southern-most coastal road, leading from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. Here picture perfect villages with elegantly restored period homes under bright Bougainvilleas are abundant. Scattered along this stretch of prime real estate are eco-reserves, nature trails and private game parks, all living in harmony with nature, such as the Knysna Forests where you may be …

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1. Secure bib.

2. Strip off charred skin revealing white meat.

3.Dunk generously in romesco sauce.

4. Tilt head back and bite sweet onion in half.

5. Savor.

6. Repeat 19 more times.

These are the basic steps to eating calçots, a seasonal Catalan food that is something between a sweet onion and a leek. Millions of these toothsome winter treats are served sizzling off the barbecue from January to April in Catalonia, Spain.…

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Bed, treats, water dish and leash: Pooch needs a suitcase too. More and more people are packing up their dogs and taking them on vacations.

Pet lovers want to travel with their dogs for both practical and sentimental reasons. Many dog-loving travelers head to California resorts for a trip to share with their four-footed furry friends. The mix of tourist-oriented hospitality, year-round warm weather and miles of beaches in California creates an exceptionally dog-friendly state. …

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Hastings is a storied East Sussex resort town, on the southern coast of England, filled with seafront squares, grand Victorian facades, and elegant parks. Okay, it may be a little ramshackle on the fringes, which you’d kind of expect of a town dating back to the 8th century, but the antique look is half the appeal.

Then there’s all the interesting stuff to discover, like the narrow black Net Shops – fifty tall wooden …

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Hostels sometimes used to be thought of as dingy, crowded, last-resort lodging that was only for hippies, students, random backpackers and possibly criminals — and perhaps that is the impression that some people still have of them. That old stereotype is completely outdated in the many shiny and modern new hostels that have been popping up around Europe lately and competing with one another for a chunk of a highly coveted market. Hostels cater to …

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Antigua’s small sister island  Barbuda is truly unspoiled Caribbean at its finest, and we were enroute to Lighthouse Bay Resort sandwiched on a thin sandbar that snakes for some 17 pristine, private miles and accessible only by air, (small plane or helicopter) or a  long ferry ride (three hours) and water taxi.  But we were arriving in high style via Caribbean Helicopters, as complimentary return passage by whirlybird is included with a seven …

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Mazatlan was a weekly stop on episodes of The Love Boat television show. It’s still a big cruise port, but there are plenty of places to stay on dry land, with lots to do to keep a vacationer more than satisfied during a week in the sunshine on the Mexican Gold Coast.

Perfect Weather
It doesn’t matter what time of year you head to Mazatlan, the chances are pretty good it’s going to be warm …

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Americans love fake experiences. We love authentic fake food at fast food outlets, authentic fake socializing online via Facebook and Twitter, authentic fake Rain Forests at shopping malls, authentic fake politicians who pretend to govern, authentic fake travel writers who…wait…scratch that last item. To paraphrase the great P.T. Barnum –“No one ever went broke by over-estimating America’s appetite for authentic fake travel experiences.” Which leads me to today’s subject…ORLANDO!

This year the Hilton World

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