Majestic Windmills of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the beautiful capital city of the Netherlands. It is a city steeped deep in 17th century history through its buildings, streets and canal ways. It is home to windmills or windmolen as they say in Dutch – the language of Holland. There was once 10,000 working windmills in this region which have withered down to a mere 1000. They were once used to produce flour, mustard and oil and are an inherent

The Magical Mystery Tour

“Liverpool is the place that changed the face of music forever”, said our Magical Mystery Tours guide, Jay, who promised to take us on a nostalgic journey to where The Beatles found fame.

I’m a little sniffy when it comes to cheesy guided tours, thus with some apprehension I boarded the tour bus at the Albert Dock. Immediately a drum beat signified the start of the 2-hour tour and the ‘Magical mystery tour’ boomed through …

Unique Adventures in Iceland That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

It’s always fun to come back from a trip with incredible stories — not only for the fond memories, but also (of course) to be able to leave your friends and family in awe of all the exciting details. Exaggeration won’t even be necessary if you decide to partake in any of the following excursions that are possible in Iceland, because they are already so unbelievable as they are. You may even need to somehow …

Seven Southeast Asian Foods for the Health-Conscious Traveler

For tourists who wish to see a mélange of warm culture cradled on an expansive spectacle of greens, water and terrain, Southeast Asia will be the prime place to visit. Tourists go here to do water sports, enter fascinating caves, trek the green mountains outside the bustling modern cities, and taste the distinctively Southeast Asian dishes, which can be both scrumptious and healthy. Thus, if ever you visit Southeast Asia, don’t worry about getting the …