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Québec City, the 400-year old capital of “New France,” has long been viewed as a budget-friendly alternative to expensive Old World destinations. But this summer it’s a better value than ever thanks to no-charge attractions and activities that give new meaning to the locals’ traditional rally cry “Vive le Québec Libre!” (“Long live free Quebec”).

Tour the Town: Quaint, cobbled, and impossibly pretty, the UNESCO-designated Old City is easily covered on foot. To
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When many hear of a Smoky Mountain Vacation they may picture rustic cabins, hunting or animal watching, perhaps a lazy walking trail or two, and a whole lot of peace. While peace is plentiful in many areas of the Great Smokys, there is also a plethora of highly active entertainments that will leave you with a thirst for adventure long after you make your way back home.

Affordable Smoky Mountain Family or Solo Fun

If …

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You can’t be blamed if beer (“pivo”) is the first thing that comes to mind when considering the topic of drinking in Prague. On your visit to the Czech Republic, you will quickly discover that beer is usually cheaper than water, ranging from about CZK 21 to CZK 32 for .5 liter. If you pay more, you may be a tourist.

The Czech Republic, where pilsner beer was born in the town of Plzen, proudly

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Whether you are a novice antique lover or an expert appraiser, shopping abroad for antiques can be truly a rewarding experience. You can join dealers that scour the cities and the hamlets of the globe looking to find unique and authentic antiques. Finding just the right collectible is a gratifying experience, so much so that many have turned their antiquing leisure efforts into full time businesses.

Perhaps you are looking for just the right piece …

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