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Summer in Seattle

It’s summertime in Seattle, Washington. Hit the water now that the rain subsided and the gray clouds turned into white cotton. Raise a glass of craft beer, cider, wine, or spirits. Check out the city’s varied outdoor festivals.

Pike Place Market Expands

This summer marks a major expansion for Pike Brewing Company. This  Seattle landmark based in Pike Market led the way for the Seattle craft brewing scene. They will be opening Tankard & Tun, …

Five Carnivals Around the World

People from all over the world tend to seek out vacations where they can bask in the sun and enjoy a climate that’s much hotter than then they are used to on a daily basis. But how about you double your pleasure by visiting your chosen destination when they celebrate carnival? Carnival around the world is one of the biggest street parties at any given destination. People flood the city streets in colorful costumes that …

Celebrating Portland’s Summer Festival Season

While one can find Portlanders coming together regardless of the weather, the city bursts to life once the gray clouds subside. The city’s summer season represents an overabundance of activities celebrating the bounty of the Pacific Northwest.


Cheers to Beer Festivals

According to Travelocity’s first Beer Tourism Index, Portland is the #1 large metro area for beer. Every year, over 80,000 pilgrims converge at the Thom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland for the …

The Fabled Colonial Key West

Key West Aerial View by Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau

Key West is described as the southernmost city giving visitors a taste of the Caribbean without even leaving the US. The tourist board even states Key West is a “unique tropical island city.” However it is defined, Key West is alluring, entertaining and peaceful all at the same time with sightseeing tours conducted on conch trains down roads lined with Colonial houses.

Chugging Train, Key…

Yuletide Lights Around the World

Christmas Tree image courtesy Feelart at

There’s something about festive Christmas lights twinkling and blinking in the night that enhances entire cities at once. Thousands of decorations, led light displays, over-sized ornaments suspended high above busy shopping areas, and magical state-of-the-art lighting that transforms everyday streets into an extravaganza. Some destinations around the world are well known for their festive lighting displays that attract visitors from near and far to stand in awe of

6 Spectacular Places to Spend New Year’s Eve

Fireworks by Terrapun, Courtesy of Shutterstock

Five, four, three, two, one…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cue the traditional song of Auld Lang Syne to usher in the dawning of another New Year. From Times Square in New York to Trafalgar Square in London, voices ring out, accompanied by a spectacular fireworks display on the stroke of midnight. So, where should be heading this year for the most dazzling New Years Eve experiences? Here are some of the …

Carnival Trinidad Style

Photo courtesy the Trinidad & Tobago Development Company

Just as New Orleans celebrates its Mardi Gras on the day before Ash Wednesday, the streets in down town Port of Spain, Trinidad erupt into one of the largest street masquerade parties in the Caribbean. It takes place, not in one, but two whole days–known as Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday–before Ash Wednesday. It sees people frolic in the streets dressed in sequins, feathers and bright sunshine colored …

5 Must See Thanksgiving Day Parades

Photo credit: Macy’s, Inc Turkey

As a major holiday, there are numerous activities and festivities to see and be part of, but none equals a spectacular Thanksgiving Day Parade. Nowadays, you can choose what location you want to the see the festive floats, giant character balloons and the marching bands, from New York City to Chicago to Philadelphia. It just one of those things that the TV cannot do justice to, the sights, the sound …

6 Spine-tingling US Halloween Destinations

Halloween is another one of those wonderful times of the year when ghost and ghouls and spooks and scoots come out in the darkness of night to play. Every year people go out of their way to be scared, horror-struck and spooked travelling across the country to take part in the many Halloween festivals and activities that rise up for the occasion. Crazed visitors attend authentic haunted house, graveyards, creepy fairs and fun filled horror …

5 Worldwide Christmas Markets to Visit

Strasbourg Christmas Market courtesy Office de Tourisme de Strasbourg

When you think of Christmas Markets the first place that comes to mind are the traditional ones located in Europe – specifically in Germany and Austria, where old cobbled streets decorated with stringed lights house wooden chalet stalls that sell everything festive.

Strasbourg, France

Located in the Rhine Valley, Strasbourg is a sprawling metropolitan city. It has a mix of French and German cultures because of …

Hitting the Right Notes at Summerfest

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Milwaukee plays host to the world’s largest festival. From late June to early July each year, Summerfest  takes over a 75-acre festival park with over 700 entertainers on 11 stages over an 11 day period. Last year despite a record setting heat wave, Summerfest attracted over 800,000 people participating in one or more days of the festival.

Along with some regional musical acts, this festival also attracts …

Hopping Through Europe’s Easter Markets

Europe is known for having an extensive and impressive array of Christmas markets, but the seasonal merriment doesn’t have to stop there. In springtime, when flowers, trees and hibernating critters begin to come out of winter hiding, new markets also start to pop up across the continent. Some are devoted mainly to Easter, and all the fuzzy lambs, cheerful bunnies and religious traditions that come with it, while others are more widely in celebration of …

DOs and DONTs: New Year in Valparaiso

Chilean Revelers

Valparaiso, for want of a better word, is a shanty town on the coast of Chile. Starting from its docks, sitting in that all too commonly found water, colored grayish brown by the offal of container ships, it extends up scattered hills away from the sea. The city grows up with them; it’s a bit all over the place – disjointed and beautiful. It makes up a sort of patchwork cloth of a …

Aruba’s Fabulous Flurry of Festivals

Though best known for their colorful Carnival, Aruba has all kinds of cool festivals, annual events, and visitor-inclusive celebrations happening all year round!

Though Carnival lasts for three months, it really doesn’t matter when you visit Aruba as there are all kinds of gala events going on all year-round. And you need never worry about the weather for outdoor festivals: Aruba is outside of the hurricane belt and boasts a balmy average of 85 degrees with only 20 …