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Mumbai’s Fast Food

Dozens of dabbawallas congregate under a tall Banyan tree; more arrive every minute. I watched these tiffin carrying deliverymen sort out the lunch boxes at a frantic pace, then load the steel tiffins onto their bicycles and push carts. Soon groups of three or four dabbawalas push carts laden with hundreds of tiffins along the middle of the road. They’re all clad in long cotton loincloths called dhoti’s, loose cotton shirts and white wide-band Gandhi caps, …

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve: India’s Real Jungle Book

I arrived at Parambikulam, a government run Tiger Reserve in Kerala, and paid Rs300 to gain access, Rs70 for the car, plus another Rs300 for my camera. At the main office, where I’m to book in for the night, I’m told I need to pay tourist prices, not the fee I was quoted online – that’s for Indian citizens. So I forked out Rs8,800 which, I was assured would give me two great safari experiences.

Okay, …

1,000 Places, Plus the Next Top 5 Emerging Destinations

Uncharted territory is a thing of the past, but there are still plenty of fabulous places to visit before they’re overrun by hordes of spring breakers.  And if there’s anyone who can predict the top 5 up-and-coming travel destinations, it’s Patricia Schultz, author of the New York Times Best Seller 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.

Best selling author Patricia Schultz at the Philadelphia Travel Expo

At a travel show earlier this year, …

6 Mobile Apps to Ensure you Travel Happy

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Traveling today can take all kinds of twists and turns from unexpected delays to problems with airfares. Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own travel assistant who would advise you of the best way to resolve the issue and seek out helpful information for you? Well, that’s exactly what a travel app can do. Once you start looking for travel apps you will find there are

Rajasthan: Land of Kings

In Rajasthan, it’s the colors that strike you first.

A resident of Bishnoi-Village. Photo by Geringer Global Travel.

It’s the vibrant, striking colors worn by the residents of this ancient – and very proud – region, called “Land of Kings” because of a royal history like no other part of India. The land in which they live is a dry, often-monochromatic desert. But the history of Rajasthan is anything but monochromatic. It pulses with the …

Three Beautiful Beaches in South Goa, India

Patnem Beach

I travel frequently, and always prepare for my various jaunts doing fact-finding, participating in forums, asking friends, and even reading literature from my destination country. I’m prepared, but not too prepared, ever open to the spur-of-the-moment experiences traveling promises. For my month-long voyage to Southern India I spent an excessive amount of time planning. Hours, days, and months were spent investigating the merits of the SteriPEN® and concocting a route south from Mumbai. …