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Five Ways to Practice Mindfulness When Traveling

Do research. Plan trip. Get on plane, train, or in an automobile. Spend hours, sometimes days, in transit. Get to XYZ amazing destination and immediately begin thinking about how to have the best Instagram posts, take the most amazing photos and use all the amenities at your hotel.

Sometimes it is hard to stay ‘in the moment’

Unfortunately, the stress of getting to a destination, along with the pressure to make the most of it …

The Fabled Colonial Key West

Key West Aerial View by Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau

Key West is described as the southernmost city giving visitors a taste of the Caribbean without even leaving the US. The tourist board even states Key West is a “unique tropical island city.” However it is defined, Key West is alluring, entertaining and peaceful all at the same time with sightseeing tours conducted on conch trains down roads lined with Colonial houses.

Chugging Train, Key…

Romantic Winter Destinations USA

Sleigh Ride courtesy the US Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters

There’s something about snow that inspires us to escape with that special someone to a peaceful and quiet hideaway from the crowds and hustle and bustle of life. Thankfully, there are places with elegant mountain cabins, tranquil rivers and sleigh rides through frozen landscapes.


Estes Park Mountain and Inn by Brylie Oxley

Estes Park, Colorado

Nestled on the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park

Top 5 Things to do in Ireland

Irelands Lush Countryside by Florian Fuchs

When you think of the country Ireland, the color green may instantly comes to mind, as do its green patchwork and grassy hillsides. Officially known as the Republic of Ireland and nicknamed the Emerald Isle, its magical scenery attracts visitors from around the globe to gaze at the jaw-dropping landscapes and to delight in the taste of its signature drink, Guinness. A trip to Ireland is truly an inspiration.

6 Mobile Apps to Ensure you Travel Happy

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Traveling today can take all kinds of twists and turns from unexpected delays to problems with airfares. Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own travel assistant who would advise you of the best way to resolve the issue and seek out helpful information for you? Well, that’s exactly what a travel app can do. Once you start looking for travel apps you will find there are

Yuletide Lights Around the World

Christmas Tree image courtesy Feelart at

There’s something about festive Christmas lights twinkling and blinking in the night that enhances entire cities at once. Thousands of decorations, led light displays, over-sized ornaments suspended high above busy shopping areas, and magical state-of-the-art lighting that transforms everyday streets into an extravaganza. Some destinations around the world are well known for their festive lighting displays that attract visitors from near and far to stand in awe of

6 Spectacular Places to Spend New Year’s Eve

Fireworks by Terrapun, Courtesy of Shutterstock

Five, four, three, two, one…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cue the traditional song of Auld Lang Syne to usher in the dawning of another New Year. From Times Square in New York to Trafalgar Square in London, voices ring out, accompanied by a spectacular fireworks display on the stroke of midnight. So, where should be heading this year for the most dazzling New Years Eve experiences? Here are some of the …

Is this the best $1 you will ever spend getting to know a city? Probably.

In the heart of Myanmar’s sprawling capital Yangon, an opportunity exists to glimpse local life and communities in a way not often available in other cities.

Local transport out the window of the train at one of the 39 stops

Opened in 1954, the Yangon Circular Railway is a rickety, barely-faster-than-a-jog train that runs a circular path all around the heart of the city, taking approximately 3 hours to cover some 30 kilometers and 39 …

Rocking and rolling across Africa

Adventurers have found many ways of conquering the legendary Cape to Cairo route – by pedal bike, motorbike, battered Land Rover or fragile aircraft. But if you really want to travel this fabled journey in style, climb aboard the Rovos Rail.

Rovos Rail winds through spectacular South Africa

This South African train bills itself as the most luxurious in the world, and for once it isn’t over-the-top hyperbole. The exquisitely restored carriages cocoon you in …

Single Travellers Needn’t Go Solo

When a couple splits up, why is it that the woman decides to explore the world while the man morphs into a couch potato, festering in front of the TV?  If that sounds like an unfair generalisation, you’re obviously a man! Maybe the men want to stay at home and finally enjoy the silence, but years of personal research have convinced me that single women have far more get up and go.

Yet setting off …

Five Ways to Avoid Travel Fatigue on Long Trips

When I took off on a 106-day trip around the world this February, my mind was like a New York City subway platform at rush hour — there were hundreds of thoughts all wanting to come along on the trip, all rushing forward at the same time. The poor little thought that got pushed right out of the fray and missed the train was the one of how much energy it would take to accomplish …

Making the Most of Your Luggage

Dear Travel IQ: Packing is the bane of my life. I can never fit everything I need into my bags and I never have everything I need when I arrive. I feel like I should go without any luggage and just buy what I need when I get to my destination. Help!

Signed: Equipaje in Charlotte, NC

Dear Equipaje:

It’s the night before your plane departs for some wonderful and exotic vacation locale. …

Transport in Bolivia

La Paz Transport

I’m not a man designed for transport really, be that public or otherwise. My limbs are longer than they should be, my posture is terrible, and I have trouble sleeping in anything other than a bed. So it’s no surprise that my least favorite bit of traveling is that spent in actual transit. And as most know, an unhealthy amount of most traveling is exactly that: mastering the art of sitting still …

How to Have a “Perfect” Trip

The Pyramids of Giza at sunset.

The secret to a perfect trip is much like the first rule of Fight Club:  There is no perfect trip.  There is no recipe for success, no combination of details that will guarantee you a good time, no amount of scheduling and booking that will make your time from touch-down to take-off completely carefree.

The beautiful thing about travel is its unpredictability, the glorious way you can plan out …