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Though we seldom stop to think about it, traveling and reading are intimately linked activities. Those of us with wanderlust in our souls delight in learning about new places through travel blogs, articles, magazines, guidebooks—the list is endless. Oftentimes, reading substitutes for traveling, and helps us scratch the travel itch when jobs or families make wandering off difficult.

St. Augustine wrote that “The world is a great book…they who never stir from home read only …

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Whether hitting the road, taking to the skies or even hoofing it over a trail, traveling takes a toll on your body. Long hours in a single position or thousands of steps can cause muscle fatigue and cramping.

About six years ago, I found out my persistent hip pain was due to Hip Dysplasia (yes, like a Labrador) and it seemed to flare up the worst during travel. The large muscles up and down the …

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Think a cruise is a problem-free, no-hassle vacation? Think again. While the recent accident with the Costs Concordia was an extremely rare occurrence, cruises are ruined for people every day for varying reasons.

As with any uncharted waters, danger lurks below the surface. The websites may advertise smooth sailing — after all, they’re flashy websites created by the marketing department — but as a travel professional, I have had many cruises go down the drain.…

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When a couple splits up, why is it that the woman decides to explore the world while the man morphs into a couch potato, festering in front of the TV?  If that sounds like an unfair generalisation, you’re obviously a man! Maybe the men want to stay at home and finally enjoy the silence, but years of personal research have convinced me that single women have far more get up and go.

Yet setting off …

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With thousands of cars available from a multitude of car rental companies how do you really decipher which one is best for you? Firstly, sit down prior to your intended vacation and go online, then summon the car rental companies to your finger-tips and make your demands.


Like everything else, you need to go online and surf the internet to find a car rental deal. There are major websites that cater to car rental …

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I recently visited a popular online India travel forum and came across multiple pages dedicated to why females should not travel to India. Comments included:

“India is a labyrinth of predators for women.”

“The misogyny is evident in every corner of the country.”

“Do not, under any circumstance, travel to India alone. Your entire trip will be spent escaping harassing comments and avoiding stares from locals.”

Wow, talk about shock value. Yet, as an India …

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Most of the bases for cruising have already been covered: We know how to keep your floating vacation afloat, how to find the best ships for singles, how to survive a cruise with Norwalk virus and how to cruise with the kids. But, as recent news stories have warned us, there may be a dark side to cruising for those who are not prepared.

Terry Riley, Ph.D., author of the book Travel Can Be Murder

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Location is the most important factor when you’re looking to buy real estate. But when you’re looking to visit Yellowstone National Park, one of the most popular chunks of real estate on earth, timing is critical.

As the world’s oldest and most-loved national park, Yellowstone attracts millions of visitors every year. Yellowstone is a grand opportunity to see buffalo and grizzly bears living in the wild. The park is at the heart of the Old …

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My subject line is a little adamant, I know. Perhaps a little militant, which is ironic since it’s mostly the Egyptian military causing so much of the unrest in Egypt that has been widely reported here in the U.S. The problem is that the microcosm we call Tahrir Square has been focused on so extensively, people think Egypt is about to crumble into the desert sand that makes up much of its modern landscape. I’ve …

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The thought of a home stay in India can ignite romantic images of cultural exchange. A comfortable room in a private residence, adorned with traditional fabrics and décor, can offer a warm contrast to a stark hotel room. Instead of room service, you can enjoy a homemade chai and paratha at the breakfast table while engaged in dynamic conversation with the owner.

A home stay (or “homestay”) is typically defined as an accommodation where a …

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Dear Travel IQ: My husband and I are making our lifelong dream a reality: this summer, we’re going to Italy! And not just Italy – we’ll be making our way through Germany, France, Belgium and England! Unlike my husband, though, I’m pretty worried about “fitting in”: I don’t want someone taking advantage of us because they know we’re tourists. On top of that, I sometimes have social anxieties about standing out in a crowd. …

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Trying to impress that special someone? Consider these steamy Spanish stays to wine and dine your sweetheart.

1. Ski and Spa at Sant Roc Hotel, Solsona:

If romance and an adrenaline rush are one in the same for you and your sweetie, then a stay near the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains is the way to go. At the foothills of the Pyrenees, Solsona is an ancient village made up of stone houses and snug cafes. Spend …

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–Five Destinations from the Author–

1. Mayan World:

This year it’s all about the “Mundo Maya” or “Mayan World,” which is mostly centered in Guatemala, Belize, southern Mexico’s Yucatan region and Honduras. As the Maya calendar comes to a close at the end of 2012, the Mundo Maya gears up with spiritual celebrations and specialized tours focusing on Mayan culture. Trek through the emerald Petén jungle to …

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