This Summer's Unusual Beach Activities

Moonlight Paddleboard Yoga, Greece

The Skiathos Princess: Participants can awaken their senses by performing YOGAqua (Yoga on Stand up Paddle Boards) on the glistening, moonlit waters of Skiathos with stars sparkling overhead – a truly idyllic and unforgettable atmosphere. Days with a full moon are revered in the Ashtanga yoga tradition due to the understanding that the moon affects tidal rhythms. As humans are made up of seventy percent water, the moon is said to have …

Desserts Glorious Desserts on the Highseas

Chocolate Chocolate Orange Cake by Nadia Ali

When most people think about going on a cruise, the first thing that comes to mind is the dreamy vacation onboard a luxury ship surrounded by the sea. Spending evenings watching the cabaret shows, having a posh dinner and walking on the deck under the moon and stars. There are also various onboard activities and entertainment areas such as theatre shows and comedy night that lure people to …

Foreigners win with South Africa’s financial woes

Johannesburg, one of the greenest cities in the world

If you ever think about how politics influences your travel, it’s probably because you want to avoid war or terrorism. I never imagined politicians could affect travel by making a currency so weak that you should jump on a plane and go immediately, because a country has become so cheap to visit.

Well – say hello to South Africa! Come and experience amazing safaris, be awed by …

Eriska – Scotland’s Fantasy Island

Just a short drive from Oban, on Scotland’s west coast, is the quiet Isle of Eriska. Set against a backdrop of mountains, ocean mist and Scottish landscapes there is a certain mystique about it. Rattling over an old wooden bridge you immediately enter a concealed whisper-quiet world of lavender, purple rhododendrons and wildflowers. Round a bend in the road and there she is, the Grande Dame herself, the five-star Eriska Hotel – a Victorian Manor …

Thailand Travel Myths

Thailand is a diverse and wondrous country located in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is also one of the most popular destinations for tourists worldwide, offering beautiful islands, tropical jungles, and ancient temples. There are several misconceptions about traveling in Thailand, ranging from the sex culture (not all male tourists are seeking prostitutes) to ice (not all water is contaminated). Here are five travel myths to consider if you are planning a visit to …

MSC Cruises Brings Europe to Miami and the Caribbean

The Aqua Park on MSC Divina has a retractable roof.

In the past, MSC Cruises has sailed hundreds of enthusiastic crowds out of a myriad of global destinations that include Europe, South America, and even Dubai. The Italian cruise line decided to bring the MSC Divina to Miami in 2013 and their Caribbean cruises have been so successful this past year that they are booking dates through 2016. The interesting thing is that they are …

Where to stay in Istanbul

For millennia Istanbul has been recognised and admired as one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world. This unique metropolis was once the capital for three world-spanning empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. The hundreds of emperors and sultans that reigned over the city for more than 16 centuries have all left a legacy of valour and beautiful relics.

Istanbul has a broad historical and cultural canvas with Roman architecture and Islamic mosques

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club: What’s it like to stay at the Best Beach Resort in the Caribbean?

View from the Beach Bar at Nisbet Plantation

It’s been named one of the “Top Resorts in the World” and “Best Beach Resort in the Caribbean” by Conde Nast and Travel & Leisure respectively, and it’s earned a Four Diamond ratting from AAA.

What exactly does it take to earn that honor? A stay at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club proves that it’s worth its weight in awards, but not necessarily in the way you …

Island bliss in Africa

Sunset on Bazaruto island

Africa isn’t normally associated with tropical islands where you can wallow in luxury. It’s a continent painted with the brush of poverty, but beneath that false impression lie some wonderful countries waiting to be explored – and you don’t even have to be adventurous or a fan of roughing it to do so.

For an exotic holiday where the taste of Africa is wrapped in style, take a magnifying glass to …

Boutique B&B in North Wales

Just across the North Wales border in Whitchurch is Willington Lodge – a tranquil boutique B&B that’s been painstakingly restored by its owners, Pamela and Richard Morris, who’ve managed to retain much of its original Georgian features. Bordering Snowdonia National Park, the location is idyllic, especially for weddings, which they specialize in.

The Lodge, which is more like a country mansion, is set back off the road in a landscape garden. The guests sitting- and …

A Tuscan Dream

Driving from Parma, navigating a winding mountain road to Tuscany, I came across Castello di Compiano, a medieval castle embraced by fortified walls and built atop a rocky outcrop of a mountain village. The castle’s jaw-dropping views across the Taro River and the Apennines mountains make it one of the most spectacular locations in northern Italy.

Its origins are uncertain but archaeologists claim its existence dates back to the first century. In its life Castello …

How to Access the Airport Lounge

Admiral’s Club Bar Area
Photo courtesy American Airlines


You sigh, walk on by and sit at the airport’s main departure lounge, carry-on luggage at your feet, and jacket on your lap, only now putting back things into your pockets after the security check.

What would it really take for you to access the airport lounge where you could put your feet up, relax and sip on something refreshing before your flight? Most travelers do not …

Gaga for Gaudí

The psychedelic works of Antoni Gaudí draw thousands of visitors to Barcelona, Spain, each year. While the eccentric architect completed projects outside of the city as well, his most impressive buildings are clustered in the Catalan capital. In fact, there are so many Gaudí buildings in Barcelona that it can be hard to choose which ones to visit if you’ve got limited time. Here’s the scoop on his top creations, plus a few more to …

Puerto Vallarta-Then & Now

     It’s been thirty years since I last visited Puerto Vallarta, but in retrospect, that trip in my early 20’s turned out to be a life defining one. I credit the time spent among the locals there –so welcoming and eager to include us in their daily lives- for my later foray into travel writing as a profession.

Located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast where Jalisco and Nayarit meet, the town is tucked among the lush rainforests …